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Italy- Authorities in Italy have arrested some 26 alleged members of the Camorra in the provinces of Naples, Salerno, Imperia, Cosenza, Ancona and Reggio. The large scale operation was carried out by multiple police agencies, targeting two groups of the Camorra. The two groups targeted were the Fabbrocino clan, and the other group was headed by ferocious mob leader Rosario Giuliano.

The Fabbrocino clan began by Mario Fabbrocino, who for a long time was was a member of the Nouva Famiglia which was created in the 1980's to affront the powerful Raffaele Cutulo's Camorra organization. The Fabbrocino clan historically controlled the Vesuvius area and carried weight in the territory in and around Nola, Ottaviano, San Giuseppe Vesuviano. A beef would begin with the Fabbrocino's and Cutolo and Cutolo would whack Mario's brother Francesco. Mario would retune fire killing Cutolo's son Roberto.

The Nuova Clan, as we stated came about as a result of the growing tension with Cutolo. It was basically a war between two sects of the Camorra. The Nuova had the backing of Sicilian Cosa Nostra, whereas the Cutolo faction didn't. Historically the Camorra hasn't been able to get along, and often times throughout history have warred against one another for power and turf, and the Fabbrocino were not different in that regard. After Cutolo would be defeated other rivals clans would go after the Fabbrocino's.

In the raids, Italian authorities have claimed that both clans were active in narcotics, using N'drangheta as a front in some sort of fashion. Rosario Giuliano, is currently in prison and running his family and making changes through his girlfriend. As authorities looked deeper into the families, they have found that N'drangheta is controlling almost every single aspect of narcotics trafficking in Calabria. Authorities long thought in Camorra dominated areas like Calabria, that the Camorra was in full control, but they are finding that N'drangheta is the group in charge. Through investigations, they were able to track how narcotics were being moved in and out of Calabria, as N'drangheta were moving the stuff in unmarked vans in coffee cans. This is another case, and we've seen a dozen or more in the last few months where the Camorra is being targeted, which historically has been a tough organization to crack. It seems like this is very similar to the 1980's New York, where the feds would get a big bust every few months, but ultimately they couldn't put enough away to decimate them. As the Italian authorities are cracking down hard on the mob in Italy, one thing you don't see a huge sweeping indictment involving N'drangheta. It never seems to end in Italy, but the latest sweeping investigation and arrests, show that Italy isn't going to stop trying anytime soon, but once again I'll point you back to a an article prior to this, as Italy isn't necessarily doing this for a moral stance, but rather a money grab. Go back to our old article and read all about Italy's money grab, (Confiscation without Conviction)

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