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44 Years Later, Alan Kaiser's Family Still Doesn't Have Answers.

Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravano killed Alan Kaiser in 1977, at nearly point blank range. For the Kaiser family, that day forever changed their lives. They wouldn't even know for a thirteen years, who killed Alan. Alan was celebrating his birthday, the night he was lured over to a parked car. In the car was Louie Milito, along with Salvatore Gravano. As Kaiser approached the car, he was shot to death by Salvatore Gravano and Louie Milito. It wasn't until Gravano became a cooperator, that the FBI acknowledged who committed the murder that balmy night in 1977, but would never "on the record," charge him, nor let any jury know he murdered a child.

Gravano has offered lie filled rants, on his Youtube page, in which is he fully breaking the Son of Sam law, by profiting off of his crimes. While there were an alleged 19 victims of Gravano, we know here at mob talk radio, it was more, and when we release our documentary you will find out that Gravano did in fact kill more than 19 people, the government knew about it, and buried it. You will also find out that Gravano also killed a lover, known simply as "Jackie." What is intriguing about Gravano's murders, is that Alan Kaisers name was never mentioned in the newspaper articles. In stead the newspapers used John Doe, or they used "unidentified victim." The newspapers were not told that Gravano killed a 16 year old. The juries were not informed that Gravano killed a 16 year old. All of that information was hidden from prospective juries, and even from the Kaiser family.

Through our process, we have recovered paperwork, that shows that Gravano only admitted to personally killing one person, and that didn't include Alan Kaiser. So for all of Gravano's bravado about being a huge killer, is a huge delusion. With the paperwork we have, we will show, how he admitted to only killing one single person, but committed and or plead out to 18 murder-conspiracy charges. Alan Kaiser according to Gravano was a "drug addict, who ran towards gunfire like an idiot." Those were Gravano's words on his podcast, essentially blaming Kaiser for the entire event. "He wanted to die." This is how Gravano revels in the life that he's been out of for close to 30 some years. This is how Gravano justifies killing a child. The problem with that statement is, he has told three different stories. In another YouTube rant, he blamed Louie Milito. It's easy to blame someone that is no longer alive for your actions, but that is what Gravano has made a history of doing, blaming others. In his book, he somehow neglected to mention the murder of Alan Kaiser, and of course he did. He bragged about murder and mayhem in his book written by Peter Maas. Maas and Gravano were sued by the victim's families as a result.

While I can certainly understand the sentiment among other victims families, I don't feel bad for them. Their fathers were murderers. Their fathers committed the same types of crimes, and in the streets that how it's handled. We can argue the validity of why Gravano murdered those men, and 90% of it had to do with money. Gravano absorbed all of their businesses, that was his way to get a leg up. If you won't give it to him, he will kill you for it. Those are facts, but I have a hard time feeling any empathy towards some of the other victims, because they were in fact, involved in murder themselves. There is a wide gap between men in the streets who became victims of the streets versus an innocent kid who was just walking home on his birthday, who gets lured towards a car and executed and left on the streets. As we said over the years, Gravano has told many stories, all differing ones. He blamed Louie Milito, he blamed Kaiser,("He ran towards gunfire.") he has never ever accepted what he did or had to accept murder charges for that crime. The FBI was nice enough to sweep that under the rug. Another story was that Gravano's club had been robbed, and Kaiser fit the description of Aldo Candido. That's probably the likely reason was Kaiser was gunned down, but he gives it a spin in other episodes of his lie filed podcast. He never faces the facts, or speaks them. It's easy to blame Louie, whom Gravano had killed to absorb his businesses.

The only two murders which are sealed, are that of Alan Kaiser and Nick Scibetta. Nick Scibetta was Gravano's brother in law. The reason why that murder is sealed, is a bit interesting. Gravano had a kid named "Jackie" not his real name, murdered. Nick Scibetta was bisexual, as was Gravano. Both had relationships with "Jackie," over the years. Scibetta and Gravano had some disagreements, especially concerning business, and Scibetta threatened to tell the Gambino's about Gravano's sexuality, which at the time would have probably gotten Gravano killed. People throughout the years have wrongly reported that Scibetta was a coke-head and was borrowing money using Gravano's name and not paying them back. It's all bullshit. The true reason is the one mentioned above. Gravano had a major secret and didn't want it out, so Gravano killed Scibetta, and then had "Jackie," killed out of fear he might talk. If you have any designs that information isn't accurate, just ask around. Everyone knew "The Bull," was more "South Beach," then "Long Beach." It's from a source, that I was told that Gravano likely had the FBI seal that murder of Scibetta because he essentially told them that he was in a relationship with both Scibetta and "Jackie." Yes, Gravano was carrying on a sexual relationship with both, according to dozens of sources.

If you listen to a series of podcasts, Gravano gleefully discusses Paul Castellano's penis for hours. It's a bit strange, and Gravano offers at one point, "I wanted to see it, I knew a guy who had something similar, I wanted to see it, I told him pull it out." So if you have any doubts or reservations about that, go listen to those episodes for some outstanding engaging dialogue about men's penises, and his borderline obsession with "cock pumps."

For the Kasiers, there is little hope. I recently did a FOIA background search for Alan Kaiser, who was never a criminal ,never arrested, never a troubled kid. The FBI refused to give me any information, citing that they have files, but they were either "lost," "misplaced," or were not "relevant," to my request. My request is because I am making a documentary on Gravano and his lies, and the government complicity in those lies. I could certainly understand them not wanting to hand me anything regarding Gravano, as he is a protected witness. However, a search of Kaiser and getting denied, tells me 100% what I sort of figured from the beginning. They are NOT WILLING to be helpful, they aren't willing to help a grieving family. There bottom line is protecting their ego's and the scumbag witnesses they employ. Their refusal to even had over one document, means that for the Kasier's, who have had to endure this for 44 years, and now have to take Gravano's lies on social media, there is no end in sight. Just getting a death certificate, and an autopsy report seems to be a mountain too high to climb for the Kasier's. The government at every level had stopped any information from coming forth. What the Kaisers have to do now, is sue the federal government in court, to get access to those files, or I will do it on behalf of them, which is standard procedure when the government denies requests.

What is pathetic, is that the FBI protected this scum, full well knew he killed a child, and sought and did withhold that crime from reaching a jury. The question I have for the feds is a simple one. You claim that you join the FBI to put a stop to criminals, you join to protect citizens, meanwhile, you bypassed the murder of a child, because the end of the game was more important than the standard of the game. You should be ashamed of yourselves, and anyone who supports Gravano's lies and ego driven fairy tales, should ask him why he murdered a child, or better yet, as his children. They are just as culpable, for their fathers sins in this case, because it's how they make their living, off his reputation. Not once has Karen Gravano ever admitted her father killed a child, instead she brags about her father, brags about his crimes, and gives little or no indifference to the Kasier's. Please, go to Facebook and help Joi Faraci whose brother was murdered for no reason by that puke, Gravano. There will be Justice For Alan Kaiser someday, but not as long as the feds keep locking the door from the truth getting out. (JUSTICE FOR ALAN KAISER)

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