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For those that know, and those that don't, we have our radio show MOB TALK RADIO. One of the unique things I try to do, is talk about the historical aspects of the mob, and refuse to blur the lines. While taking about organized crime seems to be the "in" thing these days, I wanted to bring all of my listeners the most unbiased viewpoint of the families history. From Salvatore D'Aquila to Joe Morello, from Carlo Gambino through John Gotti's rise and fall, the 9 part, 27 hours plus series covers trials, murder, and mayhem.

One of the hardest parts about doing any show from a family perspective is the thousands upon thousands of court transcripts you have to comb through, it also helps when you know some people who can refute and amend things. It's never a perfect science, but I firmly stand by what we have accomplished thus far. It's not easy talking about some of the more grisly items on the menu, and it's never fun talking about bold street truths, and the inside politics of it all. That's one thing I personally strive for, that I don't see anyone else doing. It's one thing to read a book, it's another to seal yourself in for twelve hours a day and get the facts right. While my opinion is always my opinion, the one thing this series exemplifies, is that the streets are a treacherous business, and the back door dealings, ego's, and hatred runs deep between people. So many facts have been distorted, and enough finger pointing to last a generation, but the one thing this series does, it cut off the fat, and gets down to business.

The one thing you won't find, is many references to informants. While they certainly had some internal parts to the story along the way, we focus on the players, the real men, the men who stood tall and went to prison for their families. We dive head first into the deep end from day one. Some of the issues we cover: Anastasia's Rise and Fall, Genovese and Gambino making a pact to take over the commission, John Gotti's run to the top and detailed information about the hit on Paul Castellano, and that Gotti was walking into the lions den from almost day one, without discontent on the streets. We dive deep into Castellano and his issues the minute he took over as boss, and a small fact, he wasn't going to be named boss, it was actually Joe N. Gallo who would have succeeded but a heart condition and a prison stint paved the way for Big Paul. We cover the beginnings of the Gambino's through the murder of Vincent Mangano, and take you into the seedy back room discussions between Neil Dellacroce, Angelo Ruggiero and John Gotti. Never before, has anyone done such an extensive podcast, and Im so glad, that thousands have downloaded the show.

In final, just as I say in the last five minutes of part 9, it doesn't matter what my opinion is, I present the facts, and allow you, the listener to decide for yourself. You can jump in and listen to all 9 parts right now at:

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