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Alleged Rizzuto Boss, Arrested Again.

Laval, Quebec. Francesco Del Balso, alleged head of what remains the Rizzuto crime family has been arrested again, in what police are calling EXTORTION. According to police, Del Also was attempting to extort priests and a church. Del Balso, no stranger to problems and prison was arrested last Tuesday night, but was released early Wednesday morning.

According to the police, Del Balso priests at a covent, claiming that his ex-wife had donated clothing to the church, not realizing that inside of the pockets was expensive jewelry. Accordingly, those in the convent explained to Del Balso, that they had no idea what he was talking about. Exacerbated, Del Balso would leave and return the following Monday night to confront priests. Del Balso demanded the jewelry back, or $5,000 dollars a week if the convent refused to return the jewerly.

Del Balso, no stranger to legal issues, in 2008 was arrested with others in Operation Colisee' which was a huge sweeping indictment of organized crime throughout Canada. It was alleged at the time that Del Balso and four others took control of the Rizzuto crime family while then boss Vito Rizzuto was doing time in the United States. Del Balso would plead guilty to 16 charges including narcotics trafficking, tax evasion, gangsterism, and would be sentenced to 15 years in prison. Once out of prison, he would have problems again for threatening the life of a television reporter. He would serve 30 days in prison for that. While he was arrested for the attempting extortion, it's not been stated whether official charges will be forthcoming.

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