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Assunta Maresca, first female boss in Camorra mafia, passes away.

Assunta "Puppet" Maresca was a one woman mob show. At 18 years old, she whacked her husbands killer, without hesitation. Assaunta was a former beauty queen was the stuff of legend. When she was 18 years old and very pregnant she hunted down Antonio Esposito, who at the time was a Camorra boss, and shot him in broad daylight in retaliation for the murder of her husband. In 1959 she would be arrested for the murder and told the courtroom she would "do it again, if need be." Eventually Maresca would be released 14 years later and would get with Umberto Ammaturo, who was a prolific narcotics trafficker and arms trafficker.

Years later, Mareca would be accused openly of ordering the death of Ciro Galli, who was a high ranking member of Nuova Camorra Organizzata. That organization was run by Raffele Cutolo, and she openly challenged Cutolo for the leadership of the organization. Whatever desires she had wouldn't last as she would be arrested for the murder of Aldo Semerari. She would then serve another four years in prison. But she had mob pedigree.

Assaunta's father, Alberto was a vary dangerous drug smuggler in Naples. Her uncle Vincenzo was even more feared as he was the local leader of the Camorra. They controlled Castellamare di Stabia, which was south of Naples. The family had a moniker in Naples, and that was Lampetielli, (the lightning knives,) for their expert use of knives, specifically switchblades. The family made most of their money through narcotics and cigarette smuggling. In 1955 she would marry local boss Pasquale Simonetti, who was a local Camorra boss. That move consolidated her family. In 1955 Simonetti would be killed by Gaetano Orlando, and that murder was ordered by Ciro Galli. Years later she would marry Umberto Ammaturo, a local leader and narcotics trafficker. She would get pregnant and give birth to twins. In 1974 her son Pasquale,(son from first marriage) told his mother he didn't accept her relationship with Ammaturo. Her son would disappear not long after, and it was long suspected that Ammaturo killed her son. She would leave Ammaturo not long after.

In 1982, a war began between Nuova Camorra Organizzata and the Nuova Famiglia. Maresca spoke out openly against Raffaele Cutolo. Cutolo had imposed a street tax, and Maresca disagreed. She then went to war, and would lead the Maresca crime family until her death. She was the first female Godmother in Italy, and will go down in history as someone who not only could run a family, but was willing to kill to get her point across.

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