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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If you have been following us over on Facebook and our old blogger site, you should be pretty familiar with mob rat John Rubeo.

In case you're not, let's refresh without rehashing everything about his case. For starters, Rubeo is not an informant who knows how to tell the truth, and we detailed that during the ongoing Joseph S. Merlino trial. We detailed all the scathing lies that John Rubeo was caught telling. We detailed the negligence of the FBI and specifically his handlers, as Rubeo broke multiple agreements he made with the FBI when he decided to become a member of the swamp. Rubeo was so awful as a witness and so inept at telling the truth, the jury didn't believe a word he said. Defense attorney Edwin Jacobs roasted Rubeo over the hot coals for days and days. Rubeo failed as a witness on every level and combined with the lies he was caught telling, really made himself look incredibly stupid.

While I was at the trial, which I was covering, I began getting berated by John Rubeo on social media. This is something the AUSA and the government contests heavily. Even though I had posted screen shots of the interactions when they began, I also forwarded those messages to attorneys in the case. What they did with them or decided to do, is on them.

The one thing I can tell you for 100% certainty is that it was John Rubeo. The AUSA had claimed that while Rubeo was locked down in the SHU at MCC during the duration of the trial, and it was impossible for him to have access to a phone, I believe that to be a bold faced lie, or that they refuse to believe their prized informant did it. For starters, all they would have had to do, was go to his Facebook page, and do a search of the ISP to find out where it was coming from. They refuse.

From a detailed description of what I was wearing, to what I looked like, to details of the case that only Rubeo knew. I'd also like to point out that Rubeo has continued to assail me since he got out, and if he had no idea who I was at the trial and he was not responsible for it, then how in the hell did he know who I was after, where he continued to assail me on Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, and Facebook(both messenger and on Mob Talk Radio's Page) He spoke about me, on the Rat and Rat Show on Youtube. So, for a guy to not know who I was, or what I covered it seems highly suspect.

Rubeo also would berate me on Instagram, and even made a fake Youtube account bashing me, with the help of two other informants. He went as far as to complain about me in a federal hearing, calling me, and I am paraphrasing here "An Associate of Joey Merlino, and the Philadelphia mafia." If I am unknown, not relevant, then can anyone explain to the AUSA where all that came from?

The AUSA doesn't want Rubeo charged for his indiscretions for taking part on a mob rat podcast, where he bragged about gambling, setting up a former defendant, and bragging about the entire mob life. Rubeo never received permission from his parole officer. He lied multiple times about his consorting with known felons. Rubeo claims that this mob rat podcast episode he was on was meant to teach kids about the life and hope to keep them off the streets, but if you listen to the show, it was ALL about glorifying the life, but was prodded by one of the rats that it was all about the kids, which is the most laughable portion of anything they do. Rubeo was hoping to bank on those excuses, but Judge Richard Sullivan didn't see it that way at all. Not only was Rubeo allegedly bragging about all the cars he owns, showing photos of being flush with cash, he was also bragging about being a gambler, which is all against his provisional agreement for cooperation. Judge Sullivan was irate at the behavior of Rubeo.

Ultimately, this would head back to court on a violation brought on by the Las Vegas parole department. Rubeo had lied and told those listening on the show, that he received permission to go onto the mob rat podcast. He posted on Instagram that he got permission to be on the mob rat podcast. Both were lies, and the parole department violated him on that. He then furthered it by lying about the amount of time's he talked with the two other informants in preparation of the said show. Sullivan has repeatedly admonished Rubeo in this case, and Rubeo is due to be sentenced on these violations January 19, 2021 at 11 a.m. Prior to his sentencing, both his defense attorney Louis Faulo and the AUSA Audrey Strauss submitted letters to Judge Sullivan.

According to Rubeo's attorney, "After cooperating with the federal government for nearly a decade, Mr. Rubeo stands before this Court just six months’ shy of fully completing his sentence. He regrets his decision to communicate with RAT 1 and RAT 2 to appear on their podcast without prior approval from Probation, and, although he reported the date of the podcast, he regrets not then contacting Probation and providing the additional dates on which he spoke with them. Mr. Rubeo takes full responsibility for his actions and blames no one but himself." Right here, his own attorney is admitting Rubeo not only lied, but broke his agreement. He further explains: "Although Mr. Rubeo was wrong to engage in this conduct, a reading of the record indicates that he did not intend to hide these interactions with Probation. He attempted to contact USPO Mitchell before the podcast, he spoke with Special Agent Lori and received no objection, and he reported his conduct on his September 2020 electronic Probation reporting. He also discussed the full scope of his conduct with USPO Mitchell upon inquiry, and even provided email and cell phone records immediately upon Probation’s request. As soon as Probation inquired about the details of his interactions, Mr. Rubeo was completely forthcoming and transparent. Despite the instant violations, Mr. Rubeo has an otherwise perfect record while on supervised release. He has changed the entire direction of his life and maintains a law-abiding lifestyle. He has obtained mental health treatment, has never missed an appointment with Probation, has not failed a drug test, and has obtained Probation-approved employment. He has also fully paid his special assessment and committed to a payment plan for his forfeiture obligation. For the reasons herein, we respectfully submit that Mr. Rubeo should receive a reprimand and/or home confinement with electronic monitoring from this Court for the remainder of his supervised release."

Many of those statements are NOT TRUE. If Rubeo had contacted the probation/parole department, they never would have EVER violated him to begin with. He lied saying he GOT PERMISSION, which is NOT TRUE. He lamented telling the truth after he got caught. He attempted to hide it by lying about his communications with RAT 1 and RAT 2, and changed his story several times in front of Judge Sullivan. While "attempting to contact," is not contact, relying on his FBI handler to handle it is NOT SUFFICIENT permission. He has NOT changed his life in any instance, as his social media posts have completely proven otherwise, including assailing myself and others, whose only crime has been exposing Rubeo for what he is. A LIAR. His lawyer continues on, that he has "fully paid his special assessment and committed to a payment plan for his forfeiture obligation." He might have paid the assessment, but the issue Sullivan took up with Rubeo is his bragging about all his money and cars and homes, meanwhile hasn't paid a damn dime to anyone he owes, nor has he paid a dime towards his forfeiture obligations. Funny, because the two other rats on the podcast haven't paid a dime towards their forfeiture obligations either, and the FBI allows them to make money off a podcast without paying a dime. Interesting.

The letter from Rubeo's attorney continues. "Mr. Rubeo created social media pages to give himself a voice against these and other vengeful publications. He has been the subject of threats against his family, which have been investigated by the Government, and continues to receive harmful and threatening posts. Like the rest of society, Mr. Rubeo has no obligation to be completely, 100% truthful when posting on social media. He owes that obligation only to Probation, the Government and this Court." These are BOLD FACED LIES. He lied to the probation department and to the court. Rubeo himself has threatened multiple people, even going as far as making Instagram videos talking about people, and even putting Gene Borrello up to making Instagram videos to assail people for him. Rubeo even posted on Instagram defamatory comments about Joey Merlino, and others alleged to be in the mafia. The mere suggestion that Rubeo has been totally forthcoming about his social media posts is a huge lie. They make claims that Rubeo has been repeatedly threatened on social media, but yet have shown any proof of these alleged threats. Rubeo has allegedly said, that I called him a pedophile, which is not accurate, but used that at the direct suggestion of Rat 1, which is his go to line when people challenge his storytelling. Multiple people on social media have been accused of being raped, or molested by their parents via RAT 1.

Now we get to the fun part. Me. Not only did Rubeo attempt to assail me on social media, but he also attempted to do it in court when my name was brought up. It's the same methodology that RAT 1 used against me in federal court in Brooklyn, by saying I was in the mafia, my entire family was in the mafia, my lawyer was in the mafia, and that I was in the Philadelphia mafia and an associate of the Gambino crime family. Yes, while serious accusations, they are laughable, and if anyone wants to hear him ranting like a lunatic in court saying those things I can gladly put those transcripts/tapes out from that court hearing. From the attorney's letter: "Lowman should similarly be given no weight as it has no relevance to Mr. Rubeo’s admitted violations. Lowman incorrectly claims that Mr. Rubeo “assailed” Mr. Lowman on social media while Mr. Rubeo was testifying at the Merlino trial. Mr. Lowman attaches two undated, unverified screen captures of alleged social media comments and text messages received by Mr. Lowman. While the defense has no reason to believe Mr. Lowman fabricated these messages, they certainly could not have been authored by Mr. Rubeo, especially during the Merlino trial. Mr. Rubeo was incarcerated in the Special Housing Unit during the entirety of the trial. He was under the jail’s highest level of watch and was being transported back and forth from the court to jail daily. He did not have access to any electronic devices whatsoever, never mind a device with internet capabilities and access to Facebook. The Facebook screen capture appears to be a public comment on “Mob Talk Radio’s” public post. Mr. Rubeo would have to had illegally gained access to an electronic device with internet capability while incarcerated in the SHU, used the device to log into his Facebook account, searched for “Mob Talk Radio’s” Facebook page, then make several public comments on the post.:

This is all amusing. Unverified? They came from Rubeo's account. They were descriptive. The screen capture didn't just come from Mob Talk Radio page only, it also came from direct messages from John Rubeo's Facebook account. Direct messages. I checked the account, which goes right back to John Rubeo. If they had done their due diligence they would know that. While it's not a crime for him to harass me, and I could care less honestly what Rubeo thinks, it proves that he hasn't changed, and these things took place during his trial, and I can prove that easily with copies of the emails I sent to attorneys the second I got them, so they cannot say I invented them, fabricated them, or used them from another time period. This is just a lawyer trying to get his client off. All this points to, is Rubeo lying again, and his lawyer doing his best to put a silk head on a pig.

A little more from the lawyer: "This is nonsensical and extremely unlikely. It is further unlikely that the public comments and messages went unnoticed by the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the general public during the very publicized and followed Merlino trial. Now, for the first time in three years, these messages and public comments surface. They were not submitted to the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office or U.S. Probation Office. Instead, they were submitted to the Court for purposes of eliciting a response by Your Honor. Mr. Lowman’s assertion that he only seeks “justice” is, at best, disingenuous and should be wholly disregarded by this court." The first time in three years is amusing to me. I posted these screenshots all over social media days after they happened, not recently. Also, the parole division asked me to forward the screenshots, they were not just not sent without knowledge. Seeking justice is disingenuous? How so? Can anyone explain to me how going after a rat, making it known what a liar he is, how that is somehow disingenuous? In any event, they can have their opinion.

The AUSA has similar opinions on me. After all, I am not well liked by prosecutors, because I tell the truth, and I am not afraid to out informants, and I am not afraid to give a fact driven dissertations loudly. They still hold a gripe over what they allege I did in the Narducci trial. My argument will always be, professional journalists out informants, out sealed paperwork, and nothing ever happens to them. I do it, and all of a sudden the FBI wants to get warrants for search and seizure of my phone and electronic devices. Nice try John Han. the AUSA doesn't believe what Rubeo did warrants any sort of prison time. He is looking at the max of 5 years in prison. What the defense attorney, and the AUSA don't get is, I don't care if that junkie goes back to prison or not. My focus is he lied at trial while he was a witness and all I have ever done is proven what a liar he is on every level. I took it personally he was lying about a friend, and I wasn't going to sit back and accept that, which is how I got into all this mess to begin with. Whether Rubeo goes to prison or not, I could care less. What I don't like is the assertion by the AUSA that my voice or what Rubeo did isn't relevant to them. That what he said to me during a trial when he was on the stand was bizarre. I've never seen a government witness have access to social media like this clown did, and I fully believe the FBI and his handlers gave him access. While I cannot certifiably prove that, how many supervisors and handlers got into trouble helping him? Just ask yourself that. The AUSA is asking for home confinement for Rubeo. That's fine. This is what the government does. They reward rats, and screw everyone else, so why should this round to be any different?

What Judge Sullivan did, was hold an informant accountable for his actions. It's rare to see a Judge act on things like this. Usually they don't want to be bothered, and just want to keep moving along, but Sullivan wasn't having it, and let's remember he admonished the government for throwing in the towel on Merlino considering they had said all along they had an unbeatable case. This is the same group, that now wants to slap Rubeo on the wrist and not hold him accountable for any of his actions. It's my hope Sullivan does. Not for justice, but because it's time informants who self proclaim they are national heroes, like Rubeo did, to just get a dose of their own medicine.

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