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Sydney, Australia-

Comanchero Motorcycle Boss Mark Buddle is still controlling the flow of narcotics into Australia, from Dubai. Buddle was caught on texts from Dubai, claiming that a commission has come together, and they are exercising their rights to charge $50,000 per kilo as a street tax for anyone importing narcotics into Sydney, Australia. For Buddle, it's simple. You have to pay to do business in Australia. The counter effect has been that Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin have no skyrocketed in price in Australia.

According to NSW, that cocaine in Sydney has gone from $50 a gram to over $300 a gram. Buddle, now considered an international drug trafficker fled to Dubai, to protect his money and his rackets. In January of this year, texts were handed to authorities by a snitch, which explained that Buddle was moving his operation in a familiar fashion. The mafia. He has "restructured" his organization, which is now run by a commission. It's said that Buddle is the head of the organization while other Comanchero members are acting as an underboss, consigliere, and captains.

"To ALL Main Players in Aus and Abroad all who land work in Sydney/NSW. As of 2021, there will be a Sydney commission that will be formed. 'As you seen in 2020 the price of Fry (street talk for meth) reached 250 and in a matter of 1 month it dropped to 80k. This is because there is NO STRUCTURE, no rules, no reasoning and to be honest there's NO SENSE, therefore anyone who sells against the commission or refuses to pay, will be killed." According to more texts, Buddle explained that anyone who is moving a kilo into the country had to provide the amount and the shipping container for verification. The fee associated would be between $5,000 and $50,000 dependent on what sort of arrangement was made between the groups. For the fee the commission would ensure that nobody stepped on the product.

Buddle has allegedly been running his organization from Dubai for four years, and according to sources, has the loyalty of his men, even if he is living a lavish lifestyle in Dubai. A large part of the problem has been not much organization within the cartel, which is what led Buddle to change how things operate. The fact he can control his family from Dubai says a lot about the loyalty and money going back and forth between himself and the heads of his family. Authorities worry that kidnappings and murder will begin to rise again as the group has a zero tolerance policy for anyone meddling in their business. "What Buddle has done, puts fringe players on record, knowing that if they don't pay the tax, they will be found floating in the ocean and not necessarily with their head in tact with their body," a source would tell me early this morning.

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