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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Gene Borrello, is in a lot more trouble than many realize. What we know, is that, Gene had been spewing threats towards his ex, her father, and her husband. Gene, according to Ganglandnews had claimed that it was "all a misunderstanding." However, Gene was caught on the security camera footage at his ex's home the very night he issued the threats. Gene according to sources attempted to lie to the judge about going to her house to enact some sort of revenge, but was caught red handed.

This is exactly why, the judge remanded him, exactly why he looking at a possible 5 to 20 year sentence for what he did. He's in trouble for going to her house, for issuing threats, for hanging around the likes of other informants including "Tootie," and Jimmy Calandra. From what my sources were able to confirm, both Calandra and and unmentioned rat, and Borrello have been going back and forth to Florida. It's also worth nothing that Calandra has been on the threat circuit as well telling Gene that if he sees me, It's on site, meaning I'm going to get beaten. While that makes me laugh, and a lot, it's once more, certifiable proof, that these scumbags don't change, they never will and shame on the FBI for allowing these creatures to continue to cohabitate in society. The claim that Borrello didn't know it was against his supervised parole to go on a podcast, is laughable. This marks the second time an informant appeared on that show, without the direct permission of his supervising handler, and had paid dearly for "glorifying the life." This is the second informant, in trouble because of the show. I smell a pun intended.

Maybe the feds are growing tired of the "ACT?" Probably not, because this is prosectors who are driving the train in this at this point. Anyone who logically takes many of these show on, has to realize it's not about anything else then the personification of delusions and grandeur, followed by inflated ego's and wannabes. There are exceptions to this. Granted they are all liars, and vile, but some of them, despite wanting to give them any credit, at least were in part, who they say they were. The majority aren't. They spew lies, which have been proven to be lies by myself, and dozens of others, but the masses love the rats.

For example. One particular rat keeps saying he robbed Tommy Pitera, he knew him. Well according to Tommy Pitera, who told me verbatim, "I never ever heard of this guy in my life, that's funny to me, keep telling me stories about this guy, I need a laugh in prison." Once again, claims rebuffed......

In the case of Borrello, this is another example of the feds paying off a creep, who lied not just about Ronnie Giallanzo but dozens of others. He laid claims that Vincent Asaro was a rapist, which is a bold faced lie. This is a guy who invented his own characterization of what he thought a mafia member should look like. He wasn't Al Capone, he wasn't John Gotti, hell he wasn't even as prolific as Henry Hill. The feds have held the hand of informants since the dawn of time, rewarded them with money, homes, plastic surgery, cars and more. The ends always justify the means for them, and in this case, it's good to see a judge hold them to the fire. In what is probably most telling about the situation is the lack of awareness or lack of accepting his own stupidity for Borrello. Not only did he accuse the judge of personally going after him, but fails to recognize the problem isn't me, or anyone who calls him out on his lies, but the former junkie looking back at him in the mirror.

I know for a fact, he was behind threats issued to dozens. I know for a fact he was the ghoul behind spreading rumors that someone I know, whom I don't even like, molesting his own son repeatedly. He is behind making photos of women with penises in their mouths, calling her "A COCKSUCKING WHORE." He's behind all of it, and we know it. This is not a gangster, but an immature ten year old idiot, who idolizes the trash he hangs around. He wanted to be a gangster so badly, yet he molded himself just like his heroes, the rats. I don't care what he thinks of me, my show, or anyone else. The bottom line for me is, when you terrorize women, because going to his ex's house doesn't surprise me, because I've seen other things he has said and done to women, he's a vile, bottom of the barrel, swamp rat, who deserves to be exactly where he is. There is no honor in making threats, posting fake pages with fake accounts, and assailing anyone who disagrees with his fairytale. All the rats do this. It's like RAT 101. Real men, be about it, they don't talk about it, and all this ghoul does is talk. You think I loathe him over being a rat, and that's one percent of it. It's how he treated women, how he treated his own community which makes me sick. If he's a role model for anything, because there are those who think the guy is tough, he's a role model as what not to be. They have no clue what it means to be a gangster, or a gentlemen. That's the bottom line.

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