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March 13, 2019 will go down in history only second to the hit on Paul Castellano. The big difference is, Paul Castellano was killed by his own family at the behest of John Gotti. The one pressing thing, conspiracy theories aside, is the mere fact, that some whack job killed the alleged boss of the Gambino crime family. When the murder went down, nobody knew what had happened. Naturally a lot of people assumed that Cali night have been hit by his own family or some sort of fringe Sicilian group. Just with the history of the Inzerillo family and Riina is enough to make the mind wander. (Cali married into the Inzerillo crime family) Even the Gambino crime family was stunned. So much so, many captains met secretly attempting to find out whatever they could.

Initially, the police, said they had no evidence, no understanding, then suddenly blamed or at least suggested that Gene Gotti, who had been recently released after serving some 30 years behind the wall was somehow involved. The police said they had no video footage and no video footage from surrounding areas. Then days later, they announced the arrest of Anthony Comello, and said they had video evidence of his truck being at the scene and crossing to and from New York and New Jersey which all led to these mentally insane QANON theories, that somehow this was a false flag by the United States government because Francesco "Frank" Cali was too powerful, so they hired Comello to assassinate Cali. People who believe that, truly need mental help themselves.

What nobody has acknowledged in this case, is that Anthony Comello was a stalker. Not only was he stalking Cali's niece, and told to shove off, but Comello did this to a New Jersey mobsters daughter as well, and was chased by her family. Comello has a history of stalking girls and not taking no for an answer. Perhaps it's his penchant for violence towards women, or his hated of them, as a result of contracting AIDS from a stripper. We've seen this m.o. in serial killers. Take the Green River killer for example, Gary Ridgeway hated women, because he failed at relationships, and hated pretty girls because his mother would flaunt herself around the house in scantily clad clothing. That's the opus for Ridgeway. Anger fueled his obsession with murder, and if you look closer into the Comello case, he has all the earmarkings of a serial killer, serial stalker, an a serial woman hater.

Shortly after Comello was arrested, he was interrogated for three hours, and gave three very different stories as to why he killed Frank Cali. What's worth noting is that he vomited a few times during the interrogation, because he hadn't taken his AIDS medication. His defense attorneys don't know if lack of those medications made him unstable or led him to admit to murdering Cali, or the reasons for them. That will be one of the hallmark things they look into. During the three hour interrogation, Comello gave three reasons for the murder.

A. Seven month prior to the murder, Comello claimed that Cali has threatened to kill him over a minor fender bender.

B. Comello claimed that he was blackmailed into whacking Cali, but a top administration member, otherwise they would tell everyone Comello had AIDS.

C. Comello claimed, he had gone to Cali's home to warn him that the Gambino's had put out a hit on him.

All three versions, are in my opinion lies. Comello would amp up his nut act in court by scribbling on his hand QANON rhetoric, attempting to give himself some sort of insanity clarity. The fact is, Comello killed Cali because he was a stalker, and wasn't able to see his niece. This was Comello's routine, and according to my sources, had done this sort of thing multiple times. This was NOT his first go around at stalking.

Comello in court gave rambling statements to the judge, which forced the judge in this case, to send Comello to be psychologically evaluated. Comello was, and was found to be mentally unfit to stand trial. This is not abnormal in this cases, usually a battery of tests are used over a six to eight month period to test a accused criminals mental capabilities. Comello, who is due back in court in July for a status update likely will be found competent to stand trial. The delays have only fueled conspiracy theorists.

If you look at how the murder took place, this is not what we call a disorganized murder. This was a highly planned out murder, so the idea that someone just lost their marbles, and suddenly acted out, doesn't pass the sniff test. This was a planned murder, and not for reasons that the defense will have you buy into. He was angry, angry he had been chased and is looking for whatever solution to claim insanity he can, because he knows, his time on this earth, is likely coming to a quick close. The defensive strategy is to suppress the admission of murder by claiming that he was unable to take his AIDS medication, therefore somehow an admission to that could be swayed. The bottom line is, he did it. We know it, the cops know it, everyone knows it, but this is a glowing example of how the system uses the mental defects as some sort of excuse. What does this mean for Comello in the end?

While I don't think that the mental insanity defense will work, I can suggest to you that his time on this earth is coming to a close. He is a marked man, and if you think he's going to move into a general population in any sort of way, you're be crazy yourself. The plan by using the mental defense is to get him to a psych ward type of setting where he has been since 2019. They can't put him into the system, if they do, I would imagine he will be killed about as quick as James "Whitey" Bulger was. Then again, I don't think Comello is safe anywhere he goes, and frankly he would deserve whatever happened to him. He's a dead man walking, and the longer this draws out, really only does one thing. He keeps him alive a little bit longer.

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