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A murder investigation is underway in Opera prison in Milan today, as ferocious Camorra boss Cosimo Di Lauro, 48, was found dead in his prison cell. In 2005 Di Lauro, son of infamous don and trafficker Paolo Di Lauro, was sentenced to life in prison. Cosimo was said to have been one of the most angry, blood thirsty and cruel Camorra bosses in the history of organized crime.

The Camorra whose base of operations is in Naples has seen it's fair share of blood. Cosimo led the Camorra through some hellish times, when in 18 months between 2005-2006 some 150 members were killed in war sparked by the ascension of Cosimo. There was essentially a split between the Camorra once Cosimo's father hid out trying not to be apprehended. There were those within the Camorra who wanted new leadership and not an extension of the father. Tensions would rise over Cosimo's new role and all hell would brake loose.

Cosimo's claim to fame other than ordering dozens and dozens of murders, was the inspiration for the hit television series Gamorrah, and the press would follow Cosimo because of his fashion style. He was truly a brutal leader, who didn't hesitate for one second to kill without concern. According to Italian authorities a full scale investigation into the death of Cosimo who was found dead in his cell, will commence this week. A full autopsy is expected to follow that. Italian authorities are not divulging whether they consider his death natural or not, but at 48 years old, there may be a larger motive if murder ends up being the case. Keep in mind, poison had been used before, so this may be something they are looking into.

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