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Two weeks ago, Italian authorities moved in on Clan del Golfo, known as super narco traffickers, collecting some 4.3 tons of cocaine. The street value has been estimated to be worth over $200 million dollars in Trieste, which is in northern Italy.

The seizure is one of the biggest narcotics seizures in the history of Europe. Arrest warrants were issued in six different countries. In total 38 were arrested in Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, and the Netherlands. According to reports, the police tracked the shipment from the Clan Del Golfo, deep inside Europe. Police also seized almost $2 million in cash.

Not long after arrest warrants were issued and arrests were made, alleged leader of the Clan Del Golfo leader Dario Antonio Usuga David aka Otoneil was extradited to the United States. The capture of Dario, is the biggest since Pablo Escobar. That's how prolific this group is. The group had been warring with other cartels in the region, and had completely according to reports taking over the drug trade in Medellin.

The cartel was formed by ex-paramilitaries, who in 2006 refused to take part in a peace process which was aimed at de-escalation to end Colombia's civil war. The Clan Del Golfo allegedly has over 4,000 members spread across 12 of Colombia's 32 regions. Dario, according to the charges is accused of sending dozens of shipments of cocaine to Europe as well as the United States. He is charged with the murders of police officers, sexually abusing children, and recruiting children to join the cartel. Clan Del Golfo according to police supply 28 countries with cocaine and have business operations with not just the Albanian mafia, but N'drangheta as well. The Clan flooded South America, the United States, and Europe with cocaine, and according to the police and the South American government, taking Dario off the streets was valuable, but someone else will step right in, without hesitation.

There also have been varying conflicting reports, because N'drangheta according to Italian police, are at the forefront of cocaine distribution in Europe and have been throughout the last two decades and have expanded into Canada and into the United States as well. When El Chapo was arrested and sentenced to life in prison one of the things discovered was that manufacturing of narcotics doesn't need to happen in Mexico, or South America anymore. The manufacturing aspect is now being handled in the United States, which lowers the cost of the drug, making it more affordable for clients. "You aren't paying a premium, and cartels aren't having to risk as much sending the drugs across the border. The purity is what makes the price skyrocket, and in my professional opinion, nobody has purity like N'drangheta, it's the highest purity available on the market." a source would tell me. As the old saying goes, you cannot kill the snake if you chop of it's tail.

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