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The indictment that dropped yesterday on the alleged hierarchy of the Colombo crime family, goes back to 2001. Yes, that's right, this investigation began in 2001 and lasted throughout 2021.

According to the indictment which was unsealed yesterday in Brooklyn federal Court the following men were indicted in several crimes.

Andrew "Mush" Russo 87(alleged boss), Benjamin "Benji" Castellazzo 83(alleged Underboss), Ralph DiMatteo 66(alleged Consigliere) included the alleged hierarchy of the Colombo crime family. Also indicted were: Thomas Costa 52(alleged associate) Richard Ferrara 59(alleged Capo), Theodore "Teddy" Persico 58(alleged Capo), Domenick Ricciardo 56, (alleged associate) Vincent "Vinny Unions" Ricciardo 75(Alleged Capo), Michael Uvino 56(alleged Capo), John Ragano 59(alleged solider Bonanno Crime Family), Vincent Martino 43(alleged associate), Erin Thompkins 53.

The charges in the indictment which I have in front of me, are vast. Rather than confuse everyone, I will try and break it down. Many of these charges stems back to the year 2000 through 2021. Many will ask, how many rats, and peering through the indictment it's several. There are 19 counts to the indictment. Those are:

COUNT 1- RACKETEERING(extortion Conspiracy, Labor Union Federal and State Extortion), COUNT 2- RACKETEERING(Extortion Conspiracy/Attempted Extortion, Health Fund and Service Provider Vendors, Attempted Federal Extortion, State Extortion Conspiracy, Attempted State Law Extortion.

COUNT 3- RACKETEERING(Conspiracy to commit fraud in Connection with Means of Identification)

COUNT 4- RACKETEERING(Extortionate Collection of Credit Conspiracy and Extortionate Collection of Credit, Extortionate Collection of Credit Conspiracy, Extortionate Collection of Credit)

COUNT 5- RACKETEERING(Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana)

COUNT 6- RACKETEERING(Money Laundering Conspiracy)/ COUNT 2(Hobbs Act Extortion Conspiracy/Labor Unions. COUNT 3(Hobbs Act Extortion Conspiracy/ Labor Union)

COUNT 4(Hobbs Act Extortion Conspiracy, Health Fund and Vendors)

COUNT 5(Attempted Hobbs Act Extortion, Health Fund and Vendors)

COUNT 6(Conspiracy to Commit Fraud in Connection with Means of Identification)

COUNT 7(Fraud in Connection with Means of Identification).

COUNT 8(Conspiracy to Make False Statements)

COUNT 9(Making False Statements)

COUNT 10(Extortionate Collection of Credit Conspiracy

COUNT 11(Extortion Collection of Credit)

COUNT 12(Conspiracy to Distrubute and Possess with Intent to Distribute Marijuana)

COUNT 13(Money Laundering Conspiracy- Health Fund)

COUNT 14(Conspiracy to Steal and Embezzle Health Care Benefit Funds)

COUNT 15(Health Care Fraud Conspiracy)

COUNT 16(Attempted Health Care Fraud)

COUNT 17(Making False Statements)

COUNT 18(Violation of Disqualification by Person Prohibited from Hold Certain Positions)

COUNT 19(Transportation and Possession of Ammunition)

This is a massive indictment, and word has it more arrested are to be expected in this particular case, and based on the variety of charges, it wound't be very much of a shock. According to the federal government the Union particulars go back almost 20 plus years. In the next few days, I will release more information about the specifics of the charges, and that can be found over on our podcast as we will go through the indictment in it's totality. This is a big case, but I even have to admit, what's the point in indicting mean near their 90's. So we will do what we always do over here and keep you updated on the indictment as I peel back the lawyers looking deeper into the charges.

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