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The mob has a way of fixing problems. Usually, it's two in the back of the head, put into a barrel and dumped, they just simply vanish, or a hole is dug. The problem is, all the subjection and rumors surrounding the bodies popping up in Lake Mead, are simply that, subjection. The fact that anyone believes that a body can be buried in the desert, has no idea the concept of tough soil and dirt. It's likely not the case.

Mob pundits are all aglow over the bodies showing up because of the severe drought in Vegas, specifically Lake Mead is unveiling a lot of interesting things. The first body showed up in May. The skeletal remains of someone were found shoved into a barrel that likely was dumped into Lake Mead and sank to the bottom of it's new watery grave. Since May more bodies have uprooted themselves, and just recently a 4th body has shown up. What mob zealots aren't considering is old Indian burial grounds, and several things like old wooden frames which could mean at some point there was an abandoned ghost town of sorts. Just adjacent to Lake Mead, and other surrounding areas they have found oil fossils, and Indian remnants. So to say this is somehow mob connected is a huge stretch, but not an impossible one.

The connection people try to make here, is the Chicago Outfit, who ran Vegas for a long time, and they also associate every inch of anything found to Anthony "The Ant" Spilotro. People are speculating that Bugsy Siegel's stolen profits from The Flamingo are somewhere buried in the cement-like dirt. It's nonsense on every level. Listen, I've said it for years, two things history has proven. Pirates didn't bury treasure, and mobsters didn't either. Nobody is going to lay waste and leave money and gold in a pit. It's all folk tales and nonsense. We know where Siegel hid his money. Switzerland. He was sending Virginia Hill, mob moll, back and forth weekly to Switzerland to drop deposits. He wasn't gonna toss his money in a lake. Adding to the furor is the Vegas Mob Museum, who apparently keeps saying one of those bodies is of John Pappas. Pappas was a fixture in Vegas and had obvious mob connections. Pappas also worked for Argent Corporation which was the front for mob owned casinos. According to reports, Pappas told his wife he was going to meet two men for dinner who were interested in buying his boat. He never came home, and three days later his car was found with the keys inside outside of a casino. There is no proof that the remains are Pappas, and zero proof Tony Spilotro did it. The problem is, The Mob Museum and amateur mob junkies don't realize that Tony Spilotro was NOT the most powerful mob guy in Vegas. Those are just facts. The museum further has stated that Spilotro's favorite weapon to use in a murder was a .22 fitted with a silencer, which is also not exactly accurate either. Even so, everyone is running around assuming they are all mob bodies. Are they? Probably not.

Others are saying it's George Vandermark. Vandermark was a casino manager who allegedly stole some $15,000,000 million dollars from the mob at Argent owned casinos. Apparently he robbed slot machines. Last seen in 1976 at a motel in Arizona, has never been seen again. According to reports his son was in contact with him after 1976, but his son would be murdered a year later. The FBI claims, Vandermark isn't dead, but actually fled with the money to Costa Rica, but an informant came forward and said that Vandermark had been killed by the mafia and buried in the desert, but once again, you cannot just take a shovel and begin digging a hole out there. You'd need a backhoe. It's just impossible. Either way you dice it, we don't know who the victims are, but it's pretty wreckless by all accounts to just say they are mob hits and Spilotro was responsible. It's just not accurate at all. This is a large part of the problem with mob groupies, they don't understand the functionality of the life. Not every body is just dumped and buried. It's become more lore, than reality. Until we know for certain exactly what it in the ground, people should keep in mind that Vegas wasn't just a mob haven, but narcotics traffickers, and all sorts of criminal element were there.

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