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Despite the federal government whining that alleged Colombo Wiseguy Ralph DiMatteo was a danger to his community, a federal magistrate saw otherwise, and allowed DiMatteo to post bond for $5,000,000, with some strict guidelines for release. Those guidelines are no stranger to alleged members of the mob. They are used to a litany of conditions when posting bond.

DiMatteo was indicted with 13 other alleged mafioso, with racketeering and extortion charges, specifically overtaking and controlling of a local labor union. What makes DiMatteo's case interesting is that rather than allow himself to be arrested, he flew the coop, and photos posted online, showed DiMatteo relaxing poolside, in perhaps a thumb at the nose of federal prosecutors, which were hell bent on arresting DiMatteo. Eventually through attorneys, DiMatteo surrendered and sat in Brooklyn for five and a half months waiting for a bail hearing. DiMatteo got his wish, and is heading home. On the behalf of the prosecution, DiMatteo flying the coop was enough for them to vehemently argue that DiMatteo should sit in lockup until his trial. Under the terms of his release, DiMatteo has to wear the fashionable GPS monitored ankle buckle, is allowed to venture outside of his house only for client attorney privileges and court hearings, medical treatments, and of course mass.

DiMatteo, 66, forked over the surety money, which his attorney argued was the correct thing to do, so that DiMatteo could prepare for trial. DiMatteo is not the only alleged mobster to have forked over a wheel barrel of money. Andrew "Mush" Russo, 87, alleged Boss of the Colombo crime family was freed for $10,000,000 dollars bond from the gallows at MDC(Metropolitan Detention Center) in Manhattan, a few months ago.

Via the federal government it's alleged that DiMatteo didn't let jail stop him from taking care of business. It's alleged that DiMatteo called Colombo subordinates from jail, according to the prosecutors. In an argument, the prosecution claimed, that DiMatteo continued to make calls to alleged Colombo members, explaining to them which places to avoid due to the FBI's surveillance. While the prosecution often attempts to make alleged mobsters appear vigilant in keeping the contact moving on the streets, it fell on deaf ears, as Magistrate James Cho, just didn't want to hear it. DiMatteo was granted his release.

The indictment, which I have read, is truly an interesting read. The indictment goes back some 20 plus years and takes a hard look into the unions, specifically the alleged mafia's involvement in unions. The one thing one has to ask themselves, especially when reading some 55 plus pages of indictment materials, is.... if it took a 20 plus year look, and this is the best they can get, you often wonder why. In simple terms it means simply there wasn't much. A lot of the indictment, which I encourage to read for yourself is filled with gaps, many assertions, and a dizzying array of nonsense. Once again the Government writes a term paper filled with delusions, lopsided accusations, and reads like a novella. I often wonder what at 87 year old man does, or has alleged to have done, that makes the government go after them so hard.

Sonny Franzese, who was no stranger to indictments, and did half his life for a robbery he didn't commit and the government knew he didn't commit, is this just another run at alleged aging mobsters for the sake of getting a conviction rate? They went after him in his 90's. You have wonder what danger Andrew Russo really is to his community. The answer? He isn't, neither is Ralph DiMatteo. The government will weave and bob with words like organization, hierarchy, and more, because that's all they can use to show patterns, but the real pattern is, albeit from what I have seen is to go after retired grandfathers, for the sake of conviction rates. Like I always say injustice is the game.

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