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The last alleged murder attributed to the Kinahan cartel was in 2018. According to Irish authorities, Kinhan called an end to murders in Dublin, as he began to infiltrate himself into boxing promotions, which if it worked would have given Kinahan the legitimacy that he was seeking. According to a source, "Kinhan wanted to insulate himself even further into boxing, giving himself some legitimacy, appearing as he was a legitimate businessman, but it didn't work for him."

Since the FBI and DEA began to sanction the Kinahan's through the UAE(United Arab Emirates) all accounts albeit bank accounts have been seized. To further push the Kinahans out into the open they have also seized all American bank accounts. To add further pressure on to the Kinahan's, they have banned over 600 people who are associated with the Kinahan Cartel from coming in to the United States. All the pressure mounting, and assets seized, outside fringe groups or other "firm" families could see the Kinahan's in a weak position, which means any sort of peace treaty in Dublin is likely going to end, as the Kinahan's will feel the need to step up pressure on anyone attempting to move in and or encroach into their territories.

According to Irish authorities, they seem to believe that the Kinahan's will come out and make a statement possibly killing someone just to make a statement that they are still fully in charge. There are also rumors of another go around of the Kinhan-Hutch feud, which claimed 18 bodies between 2015-2018. "The blood isn't dry on that yet, and there are those salivating at killing each other, just because it's been quiet, doesn't mean it will stay that way. There is bad blood, and it won't take much for that to reignite," a source told me early this morning.

Further pushing the envelope, the US Treasury Department put Daniel Kinahan, Christy Kinahan jr and Christy Kinahan Sr, are now on a federal watch list. A reward for information leading to their arrest with $5,000,000 has been offered. The UAE has now officially frozen the assets of the Kinahan's. According to reports, which are speculative at best, the Kinahans are getting paranoid in Dubai, and recently according to Irish reports sent back some leadership to Dublin to hold the fort down. The reality is, if any of the other criminal organization ever wanted to overtake the Kinahan's in Ireland, now might be the time, however the Kinhan's are going to dig their heels in and it won't take much to spark a war. If moves are made it just may be an offensive move to keep control, so the temperature is rising in Dublin.

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