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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The news swept across the screens in October of 2018. Every news channel was picking it up. "Whitey Bulger Killed in Prison." The news, was shocking in a sense, and also not so shocking at the same time. While news outlets were quick to throw out as many details as they could, the brutality of the event, wasn't ever really discussed. What we would come to find out was that Bulger was "slocked to death," at 89 years old. Not only was he beaten to the point where his face and skull was caved in, but the people suspected of the murder gouged his eyes out and attempted to cut out his tongue.

In 2018 James "Whitey" Bulger had been transferred out of a Florida Federal prison, for reasons that still vex a lot of people. What I was able to find out, from a source I will not mention, is that Bulger was wheel chair bound, has some minor ailments, but had become a real problem down in Florida. He was abusive to the guards, other prisoners, and the medical staff which was a routine day for him. He would "whip out his dick and begin to masterbate in front of nurses and doctors." He would go as far as masterbating in his cell in front of guards and whomever else would peek in at him. It was so bad, they removed his cell mate, and left him alone in his own cell, to his own devices. Whether that was for effect, or whether Bulger had nothing to lose is something we will never know, but he was consistently reprimanded and docked for his actions. Why he was moved from the Florida medical facility is a bit of a larger question. Bulger would be transferred from Florida on a midnight flight, landing in Oklahoma. While Bulger thought that was his final destination it wasn't. He stayed locked up in an Oklahoma prison for a few days before then getting on another plane and arriving in Hazelton Federal Prison, in West Virginia. Putting him in Hazelton is going to be the ongoing question probably for the rest of history. Hazelton, which had numerous former mobsters and people who likely would do him some sort of harm in the population is something of a head scratcher. For Bulger who would be considered a target, and who would considered someone a shoe in for protective custody because of his background, wasn't placed in "PC". He wasn't even placed in the medical ward of the prison. He was placed in a small yet aggressive pod.

Not twelve hours into his stay, Bulger was beaten to death. Bulger who was wheel chair bound, was found in his bed, covered in blankets, for hours. When guards went to check Bulger they found him unresponsive, and then pulled the blankets and got the discovery of their lives. An investigation would begin, but yet in a weird twist of fate, or something more sinister, nothing was caught on video. NOTHING. Due to that, it's led many to speculate about a coverup from within the prison system, albeit the Warden, or maybe something worse, the FBI. The FBI had all the reason in the world to let Bulger die, because he had things on them, that they didn't want out. For further information on that, you can watch the documentary The United States of America v. James "Whitey" Bulger. The lack of video or evidence also let to the Bulger family filing a massive multimillion dollar lawsuit against the federal government, the warden and the prison. Their viewpoint is that Bulger was a high target prisoner, he should have never been transferred to a non medical ward, and should never ever have been placed in a pod with mobsters, and should have been in protective custody; given his medical issues, background and age. The family feels like the government set him up for the slaughter, even though Bulger in his life never cut anyone any slack from being slaughtered themselves.

Four of the suspects in the Bulger murder have been in the "hole," since. Those suspects include Bulger's cell mate Sean McKinnon. McKinnon has been serving an eight year sentence for gun theft charges stemming from a B&E that took place in Vermont. McKinnon was a previous cell mate of Freddy Geas. Geas, is a former associate of the Genovese crime family's satalitte unit based in Springfield, Massachussetts. Freddie and his brother Ty were hitmen and enforcers for mob rat and former boss Anthony Arilotta. The Geas brothers were responsible for the murder of Arilotta's brother in law Gary Westerman, and the murder of mob boss Adolfo Bruno, in a hostile take over of the crew in Springfield led by Arilotta. Both Westerman and Bruno got clipped in 2003.

Paul DeCologero, a former Boston area gangster was also rounded up as a suspect in the Bulger murder, and has been sitting in the hole since. The fourth suspect Felix Wilson who had shared a cell with Bulger, was also snatched up and tossed in the hole. According to McKinnon who claims zero culpability in the murder is frustrated that he is in the hole, while zero charges have ever been officially made by the prison against himself and his alleged three accomplices.

This begs to question, why are these men in the "hole" and have been since 2018, without charges being brought. It doesn't take rocket science to understand the reason. They want these guys to sweat it out and break them. Geas who is likely never getting out of prison has nothing to lose, and has been on record as saying he "hates rats, and would kill all of them if given the chance." For him it's just another day in the system, but for others who have less time, they wonder what the mitigating factors are for sitting in the hole. While yes, it's a matter of sweating them out, if the system can't bring charges forth in two and half years, one has to wonder at what point the dam will break. While the system has it's own way of punishing prisoners for what they suspect, I think the bigger question that nobody is asking is how is a high security prison functioning without video? How was this able to happen without anyone seeing anything? Why is the warden not held accountable, or the guards on duty? I'm not defending the death of Bulger, but I'm merely pointing out something that should be GLOWING to all of you.

In case you've never been to prison, or jailed, you might not get it. Prisoners for starters know where they can conduct business outside of prying eyes. They also are made well aware before a prisoner arrives. A guy like Bulger coming there would have been all over the tiers. Everyone would have known. Should they have known? Well, if we go off the idea that Bulger was a sensitive target, then perhaps no, but your "jacket," which is why your there, the charges against you, are let out on the tiers by the hacks prior to your arrival. If you're a pedophile, they already know before you step foot in the cell. If you're a rapist, they already know. The system has a way of handling their business and swiftly for people who hurt women and kids. This is why they always put those types into PC. If they don't they will be murdered swiftly. Even amongst prisoners, the three things you don't do, at least if you want to live is, 1. You don't rape or hurt women, 2. You don't rape or hurt children, 3. You don't snitch. Those are the three factors that will get you shanked, shived, and gutted real quick.

For Bulger he met his end in about the same way others met their end at the hands of Bulger. Justice? In many ways yes, but there is a much bigger story I think that hasn't been told about Bulger, that the feds will try hard to keep silent for as long as possible. I can't defend Bulger and I won't, because I feel like justice was served very cold, as it should have been, but if there is a percentage point, that Bulger wasn't exactly as the feds have claimed, then perhaps Bulger was right when he said from prison in Massachusetts that if he opened his mouth, the entirety of the FBI would be destroyed, and even his lawyer said "if Bulger comes out with anything that he knows, and with the evidence we have, the FBI will be dismantled and half of the politicians and police force will be arrested, as this is a wider corruption that anyone else could ever know." Is that the case? Who knows, and does it matter? In the end no. Bulger did talk, make no mistake, but there was so much corruption in his case, nobody's hands are clean, but the FBI made him a mark because John Connolly got caught, and that's the story, the one that will never see the light of day.

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