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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Gene Borrello was sentenced today after pleading guilty to three violations against his cooperation agreement. Gene Borrello plead guilty to violation 2, 3, and 4. Those violations were 1)Interacting with someone who was known to be engaging in criminal activity, 2)Associating with known members of organized crime, 3) Committing a federal, state and local crime. For his crimes, he was sentenced to 4 months in prison, and an additional 3 years supervised probation upon his release from prison.

Borrello, who infamously took part in a podcast on Youtube, went on a threat spree towards his ex girlfriend, whom refused to send Gene a photo of them to include in his book. Rather than take no for an answer he issued threats to her, her husband, and her elderly father, then was caught on surveillance camera outside of her house later that night.

Borrello who has a history of threats, and abuse towards women, and breaking into homes, was arrested after the husband of his ex girlfriend called police. Howard Beach residents had warned the police and judge overseeing his cases prior, that he was a danger to the community and they didn't feel safe with him back in the neighborhood, but the judge in that case didn't feel that their concerns warranted any oversight. Borrello, who was never an official associate of the mob, whose spun stories for the sake of his public persona, was caught online glorifying his lifestyle. The judge in this case, was notified that Borrello was driving a high end car, flashing wads of cash, yet had no certifiable proof of employment, and had not yet begun to pay back the federal government in the form of penalties and fines for his crimes in his previous federal case. Just like in the case of John Rubeo, Borrello didn't have any real money, and was simply flashing payments that were coming from the FBI for services rendered.

Gene Borrello had taken the stance online, that he would beat up and or shoot or confront anyone who had a beef with him, yet in a video exclusive to MOB TALK RADIO, we see Gene Borrello being verbally assaulted, pulling a knife and running away when he stupidly tried to go back to the Howard Beach area. For all the tough guy act shit, the truth is, Gene isn't very tough, but rather a coward who was confronted and ran. This is another example, of the feds allowing these creeps to come back into society, commit more crimes, and they end up getting away with it. While the judge in this case, penalized Borrello, it still begs to ask the question as to why two people who were on that podcast got violated, and the conductor on that train never seems to. Call it off papers or not, but those in the know speculate very much that the conductor turned on Borrello and actually ratted him out.

This should be, glowingly obvious to the feds. It's time to stop giving these vile creatures second, third and 4th opportunities. They are willing to give them small time, because they consider that Gene is worth more to them talking, then the victims that he continued to terrorize even after he got his queen of the day deal.

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