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John Penissi is the laughing stock of the mob, always sort has been. If you listen to anything Penissi has to say about anything in the long run you will see what we see in ALL RATS. They inflate the story to make themselves sound like modern day heroes. They also change their stories a million times. You don't have to have a degree to catch him, just simply watch him.

Penissi has always been a somewhat of a schizophrenic moron. How this guy ever ended up in the mafia surprises me. I know for a fact, the Lucchese crime family had reservations about even inducting Penissi into the crime family because of his delusions and paranoia. All you have to do, is listen to him talk, about the "crips, and bloods," and "seeing random cars," which led him to believe he was a marked man, when in fact, the mob wasn't looking to kill him at all. It was pure fantasy and delusions Penissi was having. He's always had delusions. That's sort of his thing.


That's right, his deceased grandparents told him to rat. Yes, that's right. It wasn't a come to Jesus moment, it wasn't a moment encapsulated by fear, nope. It was ghosts, who had other plans for Penissi. The paranormal message came to him in his Long Island home just as he was praying before a photo of his late grandparents and seeking their advice about whether he should turn informant, he heard a sudden loud rattling of dishes and glasses. “Everything was shaking in the house. Shortly before receiving the ghostly message from the other side, he was chased by “five or six Bloods” at a Manhattan job site. He even chased the bloods with a gun in a knapsack, (probably attached to a stick like a hobo). This is a guy, whose mentally unstable and could possibly be, borderline schizophrenic. I recently talked to someone who was familiar in those circles. "This guy, was a nut from day one. He killed a guy out of jealously, but he never wants to admit that or talk about that on his show. He shot the guy from behind like a coward. We all thought he was fucking nuts. He wasn't right. There were meetings about him not being well, everyone knew he had a screw loose worst mistake we made, is allowing this nut around."

Penissi, is two things. He is firstly delusional, the second part of that, is some sort of possible mental illness. Penissi's lies almost reach epic levels with his schizophrenic blog. Not only is the information contained in those blogs absolutely and categorically factual inept, but in reading dozens of them, he plays the role of mob boss, who knows it all, has access to it all, and in ALL REALITY, Penissi wasn't much. He wants you to think so, because he needs you to care about him, and his lies. It's a mental illness all informants have. He needs to be number one. His "stories," get grander and grander, and it's pissed the FBI off several times, not because the information contained within is accurate, but he's in essence doing two things. He is an informant openly talking about investigations, either current or ongoing or past, and he's also lying and they know it, which leads a lot of us to believe the FBI is possibly putting him up to it.

I could sit here and talk to you about 100 lies Penissi has told. It's that easy, but I want to focus on one big lie. In the past, he has said he went to Philadelphia with an unmentionable guy to have meetings with high level Philadelphia mobsters. What I can tell you is, that is categorically false. Nobody in Philadelphia ever met him, ever sat down with him, or even heard of him until he went rat and started making up stories. That was his first monster lie. The second is sorta funny to me, because it refutes what he's already claimed. In his latest diatribe of delusions and man crushing, he made claims that Vic Amuso(imprisoned Lucchese Mob Boss) is the head of the mafia, albeit it you will, the Boss of Bosses. That is for starters not accurate. He then said that Amuso told everyone within the family, not to recognize Philadelphia, and especially don't recognize Joey Merlino as the boss. So in terms of Penissi's wet dreams, Amuso didn't want anyone from the family visiting or talking to Merlino. He then doubles down and makes wild claims that the current acting boss of the Lucchese crime family has been meeting with Joey Merlino non stop, which is "AGAINST THE EDICT OF AMUSO." His take is "how dare the Lucchese's go against Vic," meanwhile just months ago claimed he went to meetings in Jersey and Philadelphia to meet with the Philly hierarchy. Wait a second..... he said what? Yes. This is a guy whose never been there, never met anyone there, doesn't know anyone there other than the press clippings he sniffs like glue, but he went there against the edict of Amuso? You see where I'm going with this? He slips up badly every few months and does the opposite of what he says. He sort of tries to make himself look like a guy who would never go against the bosses orders, meanwhile he a goddamned rat. See the hypocrisy?

Whether or not Amuso wanted this that or the other, there are some realities. Amuso is in jail for life. If he has pull on his own family, that can be accepted. Does he have pull over other families like Penissi describes? 100% NO. I do believe, that at one particular point, when Nicky Scarfo Jr got lit up(and for good reason, he's a bum, and a woman beater) was transferred over to the Jersey wing of the Lucchese's for his own protection. At some point, there was some sort of threat from Amuso, and according to various people Joey sent word back, "you send anyone here, and they will leave in fucking body bags." Did Joey say that? I don't know, but it would not shock me if he did, because that's a guy whose turf you will NOT encroach on for any reason. Nothing happened after the fact, so one has to believe Joey put a stop to whatever overblown nonsense that was going on. What Penissi doesn't understand is the bonds or closeness of certain families with other families in New York. Everything in his story was nothing other than gossip, which the majority of it was bullshit from beginning to end in my opinion. Joey Merlino is not about to meet with a fucking soul, and trust me on that. Any outings he has, we would know about because he has a stalker by the name of Dave Rattweiser, who follows him everywhere and reports his every move. "It's been ten days since Joey shaved." Stuff like that, so if those details were accurate believe me as small as Philly is, gossip would have gone all over the place, and Rattweiser would have put on his Sundays best wanting to impress Joey one more time. Those are facts.

The bottom line is this. Penissi lies. All the time. He doesn't have an honest bone in his body. He is simply trying to stay relevant in a world he never really was. He was the barking bearded yak woman in the circus nobody wanted to be around. He was that unstable. You have got to begin to question scum like this on a daily basis. Listen, I say a lot of things, but I'm telling you this for your own good. Stop believing anything the guy says. Stop thinking he was Neil Dellacroce when he was more Alphalpha. He's a moron, nothing more nothing less, inventing stories like all the other informants because he has no value to anyone otherwise. He wants to be important in a world he never will be.

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