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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

While I certainly thought long and hard before even considering this topic, because it's a topic that everyone seems to mention, non stop, I found myself really bothered by the Government and the Judge Colleen McMahon denying the compassionate release of Peter Gotti, who recently passed away at the age of 81. For the record, Peter Gotti had real serious health issues. So many others that have been released had a more serious checkered pasts, with murder convictions on their records, and had limited health issues including asthma, and arthritis. Gotti was suffering from dementia, blindness, cancer, and heart issues. If the government and state is going to use the "compassionate release," line shouldn't it be truly used for people like Gotti, instead of others who were close the same age as Gotti, but with less severe health issues, but also having more serious charges in their background?

How many of those they have said were on "death's door," have actually died? Zero. Maybe Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso. One. All the others who have been said to have alleged terminal cancer, are still very much alive. Recently disgraced FBI agent and murderer John Connolly from the infamous James "Whitey" Bulger case was released without hesitation for compassionate release. By far, if you compare Gotti's past with Connolly's, Connolly 100% should have not been released. Meanwhile, Gotti was told no. Gotti was serving a 25 year sentence for a racketeering conviction in 2003, which included, at least according to the government an attempt to kill Salvatore "Sammy The Bull-shitter" Gravano. Gotti was 17 years into his sentence, when he passed away down in Butner, North Carolina.

Jude Colleen McMahon, said that Gotti " headed one of the most vicious and violent organized crime organizations in New York for a period of years.” She also said that " Gotti, still remains a threat to society;" when denying Gotti twice of a compassionate release. I don't think anyone will argue the status of Gotti, at least in certain aspects, but let me tell you something from the streets. Peter was not who the government alleges he was. Peter paid the price for his brothers sins. "Peter never hurt a soul, he was gentle, he was put in a position he didn't want or ask for, and the government is still hell bent on doing whatever they can to hurt that family because of John," someone in Howard Beach would tell me on the phone. How can any judge claim that an elderly man whose blind, suffering from dementia, has cancer and heart issues is going to get out and go right back to the streets. These are public officials who know how the alleged mafia works, they know that Peter was not who they allege, and they know as much as I do, that Peter wasn't going to go home and start going back to the streets. This was a dying man, pleading to go home to pass away in peace. While I cannot bypass a criminal conviction and his past, what I can tell you is, if you look at Gotti's case, and you talk to people in the know, they will all tell you the government got this very wrong. Peter took care of the social club after he was hurt in a sanitation accident. I'm not saying he was innocent, I'm not bypassing the life. My argument is, if you compare those who have gotten out, compare their crimes versus what the government alleged about Gotti, it doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense.

It leads us, to one main point. The government, the judges, have never forgotten John Gotti. They cannot separate one brother from another. They see the name, and they see highlight reels, newspaper headlines, and infamy. They attempted to put Gene Gotti into a murder conspiracy after Frank Cali was hit outside his home by whack job Anthony Comello. It's further proof, the newspapers blamed Gene, made up all kinds of things about a man who just got out of prison. Gotti sells. Always has. The problem I have with Peter not being released, is it had nothing to do with anything other than his name. Let's forget the name for a minute. If his name was Peter Lofresco, he gets out. His name is Joe Murphy, he gets out. If his name was Tommy Tambone, he goes home. The fact he's a Gotti, that's why he died in prison alone. You can't argue anything else with me. He paid his debt, serving over 1/2 of his sentence, and he deserved to go home, and just live whatever life he had left. Meanwhile, we keep seeing guys released with barely any health issues, and dozens of murders attached to them.

It brings one more point. Something rarely mentioned by the press, or the hounds who constantly just seem to be able to talk about the mob, murder, mayhem and money. Nobody mentions what the family went through, what they continue to go through. I would agree men make decisions, they choose the path they want to travel, but for those that didn't, for those that have led good lives, are the true victims of this. From the press, to the government, to haters on social media, they don't get a break. You don't put the sins of the father on the children, or the grandchildren. What many don't know, is the sheer amount of lies, that people make up, and the social media abuse they do take.

Angel Gotti, who has always defended her family, her siblings, her mother, her children, and her father, seems to take the most abuse on social media. Recently someone posted a photo of her with a penis in her mouth, calling her a "COCK SUCKING WHORE." These are the types of things that go on daily. Granted, it's the informants trying to bait Angel into responding, which she doesn't do, on any level. Recently her ex husband, Louis tragically passed away, who by all accounts, was a great guy, loved by everyone, and the rats couldn't wait long enough to call him names all over social media. For any child to lose a parent, is one of the toughest things you can go through. The mere fact that, these creatures foam at the mouth to say such hurtful things, is something that all these mob group pages, journalists never ever seem to mention, because it doesn't sell. Nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves to be treated that way because they defend their family. No child deserves to see things on social media about their father like that. This is the vulgar side to the life that nobody mentions. I wouldn't ask anyone to feel bad for them, I think they'd never want that for one second, but you have to admit, the sheer abuse, not just from the press, but the feds, the judges and journalists, it's purely disgusting. At some point, you have to see the other side of it, sadly people don't.

A name shouldn't define you. Things of the past, should be left in the past. For Gotti, sadly, he never got released, but if you're gonna cherry pick who gets out and why, then there should be a standard. Sadly, if your name is Gotti, you might as well move to the left, because you're not going to get a second chance. To me, it's sad they cannot distinguish between an individual and a name, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Paying a debt to society is understood and accepted, but like I said, and I will continue to say, until they base these decisions on true medical problems, and take the name out of it, then more people who deserve to die at home with family will die alone in prison. Some will say you do the crime you do the time, and I would agree; but if you're going to let out others with less health issues and bigger more heinous crimes, then why not Peter?

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