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Updated: Feb 2

For 30 years, Gravano has been a bit of everything, and the FBI has helped him along the way. The dynamic duo that has been the Government and Gravano, has helped Gravano more than it ever helped the federal government, unless your last name is Gotti, then that's a different story.

The documentary which is coming out in about 2 months or so, is going to blow the lid off who you thought Salvatore Gravano was, and is. It wasn't until his podcast came out that I began to notice the sheer amount of lies he was telling. That's when the digging began. What I have been able to uncover is nothing short of repulsive on every level. For starters and this is a bit of a sneak peak, but Gravano according to his own words "personally only killed one person in his life." This is according to documents uncovered, through the FOIA, and other source material. What is funny about that, is it's a lie. A huge lie. Not only that but it sort of refutes his macho stance on being a prolific killer. He is willing to sit there and brag about murder and play the role, but he admitted to only one murder he actually carried out himself. Included in his list is this: One murder he committed himself, 18 murder conspiracies. The problem is, we have uncovered other murders he never admitted to, with corroborating witnesses, and former informants who told the federal government that "Gravano has more bodies he never admitted to." Also included on that list, is NOT the murder of a 16 year old boy named Alan Kaiser.

What's astounding to me, is that federal prosecutors had in their possession a treasure trove of things about Gravano, that would completely violate his agreement, that's number one, but number two showed how far the government was willing to go to hide certain aspects of Gravano's deeds in order to attain a conviction about John Gotti and Frank Locascio. Often we only hear about Gravano being the all to end all, but did you know there were ten informants providing information about John Gotti for over five years? These are all things the public doesn't understand or know.

The doc, which should be arriving late April or early May, is going to blow the lid off corruption, deals the government hands out, and all the things that Gravano has repeatedly lied about for the last 30 years. This documentary is not about proving Gotti innocence, it's rather a juxtaposition about government deals, informants breaking the law, and everything in between. This is not a biographical doc, but it will shed light on Gravano's lies, and there are some huge lies, and will contain news reports, documents, wiretap transcripts, legal briefs, surveillance photos, and more. We will take apart Gravano in several steps, and also will include new discovery evidence that Gravano did in fact have a role in the murder of former Underboss Frankie DeCicco, who was killed in a car bomb in 1986. We will show complicity between Anthony Casso and Gravano and Amuso, and how Gravano was a major player in the narcotics trade.

Over on Youtube you can check out our 8:00 promo video. We will be releasing more videos in the next few weeks.

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