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There is always a danger when you're an investigative journalist and you try to uncover or unearth things that the mafia doesn't want out in the open. For Giorgos Karaivaz, he didn't take heed and warnings. According to multiple reports he was working hard on an investigative piece between to rival Greek mafia families in Athens. Word apparently traveled back, and Karaivaz was shot eight times outside of his home on April 8, 2021.

According to witnesses, two men on a motorcycle sped past his home as we was walking out, and the shooter, sitting back on the back of the motorcycle lit Karaivaz up with an automatic weapon. As Karaivaz fell to the ground bleeding, the motorcycle stopped, and the the shooter walked over, and put to into Karaivaz's head.

According to Greek sources, Karaivaz had both business and person relationships with some of the more infamous mobsters in Greece, and speculation is that this may have more to do with those relationships than the investigative reporting he was attempting to uncover and release to the public. There has been widespread murders going back and forth on both sides in recent years. According to investigators, Karaivaz who was exposing stories on his blog, had been warned multiple times with death threats to shut his mouth. In 2016, then again in 2017 he was a key witness into a probe about dirty police, prostitution rackets, two unsolved murders, and the murder of a cop.

Karaivaz was also giving information to police recently who having an ongoing investigation into a large protection racket, that dirty cops were protecting the rackets on behalf of the mafia, and that the country was allowing the mafia to go unquestioned and were acting with impunity. Story still developing...

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