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Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Carl Chianese, 80, whose already serving a dime in federal prison for previous convictions has decided to cut his losses and plead guilty in the indictment that dropped almost a year ago. He's not he only one. Victor De Luca, whose already serving six inside prison from a previous case is also going to plead guilty to the pending charges in the south philly case. Daniel Castelli is also folding his tent and also calling it a day. The three, who were named in the South Philadelphia indictment in various crimes, probably made the best decision they could, based on some of the things contained within the indictment. Sometimes your back is up against the wall, and the FBI has it's ways of obtaining convictions, because in federal cases you do not have to prove the burden of proof. All you have to do, by it's own definition is get the jury to accept that it might have happened. For more thoughts about RICO laws, please head over to, where we talked specifically about the Philadelphia cases, and the RICO laws themselves. It's been a great two part series, which winds up finishing itself off this week, when we discuss the case against alleged boss Joey Merlino from a few years ago.

One of the questions, that seems to be discussed a lot is who will take pleas. I think at this point, barring any unforeseen material, I think we might have one more plea. My sources have indicated that one person may or may not accept a plea based on the guidelines. It doesn't take rocket science. If the plea comes in at 4-6, and the government wants it on the high end, you might as well fight, and that's my belief. Unless the government comes with low to medium range sentencing guidelines, I don't think anyone else will dip their toes in the water, and I wouldn't suggest they do. If you are gonna get the high end of the guidelines, just fight. Makes no sense to accept a shit deal, and still get hammered.

As for the pink elephant in the room, Stevie Mazzone and Domenic Grande will be separated at trial, and thank God for that. Look, it's nothing personal. When these things happen, often times being tried with someone else facing incredibly ferocious charges, you can't sit there next to someone and expect a good outcome. As an example I wouldn't want to be sitting next to anyone accused of murder, and I'm only charged with bookmaking. Sometimes the sins or alleged sins of the other can impact your results to. It's a move designed so that one defendant doesn't get hammered for what the other defendant has allegedly done. It goes both ways on that front. Always will. Neither one would benefit from the other in this case. Both are gonna fight like hell, and based on what I have seen within the indictment, there is more on the Mazzone side of the fence which can be disputable. Grande is gonna have a battle, but it doesn't mean anything contained within the indictment is the all to end all, because this indictment crosses over with the previous Joe Servidio indictment and we talked on our show extensively about the wishy-washy garbage contained within the indictment. If I can see glaring holes, and huge problems with some allegations made, then I know the lawyers are on top of it as well.

What is going to help and or hurt in this case, is going to be whether or not the government calls Anthony Persiano to the stand. If they do, it's going to be a field day for the defense attorneys in the case, because of all the cooperators I have ever seen in my life, this guy is about as bad as they come. Keep in mind, this is the guy who in 2016/2018 was still putting fraudulent checks into banks(this after he became an informant just after his April 2014 arrest, all though wasn't officially on paper until Nov. 2015 when this Philly investigation began). Keep in mind Anthony Persiano had contact with another informant, John Alite prior to 2015, and then after he was an informant in the case, which is all against his agreement. Why nobody has put this out, I cannot believe. Also keep in mind an FBI supervisor claimed that "Persiano is not believable whatsoever." This was prior to Persiano becoming a cooperator, and went on the record as saying "Persiano is a liar." From my perspective I hope the defense attorneys ask that FBI Supervisor under oath why he felt that way, or what facts suggested to him that Persiano was not believable, then follow that up with why the Newark Division of the FBI dropped charges against Persiano, and what the hell their little snitch was doing with another snitch in New Jersey restaurants. (Alite admitted to this on multiple YouTube videos, however my information came from those who saw them)

There is so much garbage behind this Philadelphia indictment, I just don't know where to start and stop some days, but the truth is, be very careful how much you believe in what you hear, because the indictment "stinks." You can always tell who reads and indictment and who just capitalizes on headlines, because if they were any smarter they would see the hypocrisy in the indictment, and they would see how an alleged statement by Stevie Mazzone can be refuted six times with the next 5 pages of the indictment. How can you claim Mazzone meant what he said, if he in fact is on tape, when you go directly to the Servidio indictment and he's caught with Persiano on tape saying "We were told stay out of Atlantic City. We are NOT supposed to do anything criminal here." So which one is it? These are the things nobody seems to mention. You can't have it both ways, but the FBI is going to focus in on Mazzone, because they want him to be Al Capone of south Philly, rather than the hard working, beloved man he is in Philadelphia. They use titles, to circumvent the fact that are making it illegal to be in an organization, when the fact is, it is NOT illegal to be in any organization, but what do I know, I can suggest the FBI go fucks themselves, doesn't mean they will.

If you are interested in my breakdown and all the flaws of the Philly Indictment, please head over to and listen in. We talk transcripts, and blow holes in this case from beginning to end. Listen, I cannot claim everyone on earth is innocent, but I can tell you factually speaking, there is a lot about this indictment I question and scoff at. So please give the show a listen, and see what Im talking about. We also have tapes of informants on the FBI payroll trying to scam others. You won't believe the shit we have on these two shows.

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