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Every ten years, there is an indictment in Philadelphia. You can mark it down on your calendars. This past year was no different. While the arrests of certain alleged members of the Philadelphia knock around guys shocked me, the charges didn't. Let's face some facts, while loansharking, extortion, and gambling is the usual charge brought by the FBI, what was unusual about this specific indictment, is that there is ZERO violent crime. No murders, no conspiracies to commit murder. Extortion by my own admission is a joke charge, because on it's face, it's an easy charge to form, but it's complicated to prove. Let me give you a scenario. A guy borrows money, comes to pay, can't find the guy he owes so he drops it off to a friend to give to a friend. That guy is taping the transaction. Next thing you know, you got an extortion beef, and guy whose handed the money get indicted. That's how easy it is.

We can talk about informants, and the ilk the government hires to do it's bidding. We all know, from experience, that government informants lie, cheat and steal, until they get caught, and in most cases, are enabled by the feds to continue to do so. The feds turn a blind eye to it in every instance, then play incredibly dumb when it comes back to haunt them in trials. In this indictment, at least according to the feds, there are "multiple informants, some incarcerated, and some still on the streets." While I expect the government to claim whatever they can to apply pressure for defendants to plead out, it appears as if one particular rat in this case, is the one providing all the information. That being Anthony Persiano. While we have talked at length about Persiano and his misdeeds, and we could go on an on, I want to discuss something else. Before we get there however, I want to pose a question to all of you.

If I told you, that Persiano was a junkie, a low life, stole people's life savings, the feds knew it, and in some cases dropped those charges in return for his cooperation, what would you think? What would you say if, he continued to plunder after he signed his cooperation agreement? What would you say if those he swindled were not able to get any help from the FBI? What would you say if people who were robbed approached the FBI about some sort of resolution and under fear of the government asked if they could bring an attorney to discuss the issue of retaining their money, and were told "no, you cannot bring an attorney." What would you say if Persiano was still allowed to own a restaurant, own cars, purchase cars, and not be held accountable to paying government imposed fines? What if, and this is the last one, what if I told you that those he robbed were left to file civil cases against Persiano and yet the feds protect Persiano at an undisclosed location, therefore nobody can find him to serve papers? What if I told you Persiano was hanging out with other informants as far back as the 1990's, and then as recently as a year ago in New Jersey? Isn't that against his cooperation agreement? Meanwhile the feds want to contain multiple defendants to house arrest out of fear that Persiano could get hurt. Nice to see the feds protect the criminal and hammer those not convicted of a damn thing. While all of that is relevant...

What perhaps is never mention is about the day in and day out harassment by the FBI. I will not divulge names here, but what I can tell you is this. More than one person has been stalked and harassed by the FBI. Steven Sharkey, who was recently sentenced in a mortgage fraud scam, whose been alleged to be this and that, prior to being charged was taken to a hotel, and repeatedly asked by the FBI to setup a target on their list. This target, had nothing to do with Sharkey's business dealings, the FBI has been stalking for decades. They took Sharkey to a hotel, and asked Sharkey to write a check, get someone to "cash it," and they would indict that person. In return his charges would go away. Sharkey refused. This same bunch of goons, demanded that Sonny DeCreccio, who has been charged with allegedly embezzling $7.8 million dollars from the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, give up people in return for a reduction. The problem is, anything Sonny did, had nothing to do with organized crime. Nothing. But the feds were willing to ask Sonny to indict people that were not involved in any of his crimes. The feds knew, that nobody from the mafia had anything to do with his crimes, but were willing to bypass his charges, if he lied about other people. He refused to indict or say a lie about anyone. This is what the feds do. They don't care if you had anything to do with what they are looking into, if they can get someone to drop a name, even if that name had no connection, they are okay with it. Well, I'm not. Suggesting like some whore, that life can be easier for you if you just name a name, doesn't have to be true, we just have to get something, is about as revolting as it gets.

It's not just that play that the government uses. They will also harass your clients. I will give you an example. Let's say a guy owns a legit business. Maybe he has a past, maybe he's alleged to be this or that. The feds, have been on record as saying "this guy didn't get enough time, so we wanna get more." That's the mentality. So this guy owns a legit business, everything is straight. He pays taxes. Let's pretend you install carpet or tiles. You bid on the job, you get it, and you send your workers there. The job is done with expertise, and affordable for the client. The feds run in, and they harass the client. They say things like the following:

"Do you know who this guy is, do you know what he does for a living? Do you know he's a mobster?"

"Did he attempt to scam you? Did he threaten you?"

Then they go to the workers.

"Does he pay you fair? Where does he get his supplies? "

They answer and without hesitation tell the feds where the supplies are bought from. Then the feds go to the store where the supplies are, and ask the store if this person is "shaking them down, did he make threats, does he pay a cheap price because of who he is?" These are all the sickening things that take place and have. Meanwhile the job, is on the up and up. You want former felons to work legit jobs, and when they do, the feds harass them to the point where it ruins whatever type of normal life they are trying to have. Everything to the feds is a conspiracy. You want guys to come out, make a legit life, then you harass and intimidate the workers and the clients. The truth is, they don't want you to live a normal life, especially those agents who literally say "you didn't get enough time, so we will find a way to get you." Where is the oversight by the feds?

The old saying of, "if you do nothing wrong you got nothing to worry about," at least in this case isn't true. They have shown the ability to not flip people who aren't involved in organized crime. If it works for them, they are willing to accept known lies, to hurt people. Just in this indictment alone, they levied an accusation against a guy, who I know, has never sold a drug in his life, never been around drugs in his life. They either need someone to interpret tapes better, or they need to just come to the realization that they are just hell bent on nailing guys for no other reason that status. As we said at the beginning every ten years the FBI files charges in Philadelphia.

This was an investigation that has been ongoing since 2015. The government has claimed that all these defendants are a "danger to the community." It's funny to me, how none of these guys are dangerous to the community, and in fact are beloved by hundreds in their community. They were a danger on the streets for five plus years, but the feds had no issue with them being on the streets then, only after they have been arrested and the rat in this case has been identified. They not only protect the piece of shit, they should be PROTECTING the community from, but they have gone so far as to harass everyone, and attempt to what is essentially frame people. I've seen a lot of suspicious actions by the feds, but this is about as bottom of the barrel as it gets for me. Every nickel and dime junkie in South Philadelphia has been asked to talk and to rat, and their charges will go away, even simple charges that might not even carry a year. If the feds are playing that game, then I have to question what information they do have. If I know, that certain things in the indictment is utter bullshit, then I have to believe most of what they "have." is. If they are stalking and harassing everyone, then we have to ask why. You aren't indicting Al Capone here. While the defendants in this case will fight to whatever capability they have at their disposal, I would be remised if I didn't tell you, that this case stinks, and the actions of the feds is beyond repulsive.

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