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Kidnapping, Arson, Narcotics distribution, Fraud, Murder, Chemical Weapons manufacturing, Robbery, Racketeering, Murder For Hire, Extortion, Loan Sharking, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Identity Fraud, Money Laundering, Tax Fraud, Witness Intimidation, Witness Tampering, Obstruction of Justice, are just a few the charges dropped in a massive indictment out of Hawaii. If you have wondered if organized crime in Hawaii exists, this should prove it. Through out the years, many have run organized crime groups in Hawaii, as you may have heard of The Company. Hawaii was largely open territory but really didn't get organized on any level until the 1960's. Most of organized crime in Hawaii was run by local Asian criminals. Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Korean Kkangpae, and Samoan criminal outfits were the main groups on the Island.

In 1962, George Chung, would form his own group recruiting Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Samoans, and Native Hawaiians. As different smaller crews would fight over turf and rackets, Chung was able to bring some semblance of peace between the groups so that they could all focus on money and not war. Similar to Luciano in a sense, but not completely like Luciano. Sadly for Chung, while keeping everything fairly quiet, led to dissension in the ranks, and Chung would be clipped in July of 1967 inside of a gambling den in Honolulu. With Chung no longer around, a power vacuum would consume Hawaii. Bosses and crime groups would begin to jockey for control of the Islands. The Samoan's would briefly take over led by Alema Leota, whom you can read about on your own.

1969 Hawaii native and narcotics pusher Wilford Pulawa would split from Leota's group and began moving towards forming his own group and began recruiting only native Hawaiian's, and then would form a state wide crime syndicate. His reign would be short, as he arrested for tax evasion and sentenced to 24 years in prison and didn't get out until 1985. What Pulawa was able to do prior to going to prison is what is huge. Narcotics, gambling, loan sharking, prostitution, labor unions, and murder. They even were able to push into Nevada and California. Legend has it, they pushed into Vegas and Chicago sent two men to Hawaii to teach Pulawa a lesson. Both of those men sent from Chicago were sent back in bodybags. Pulawa controlled everything on the Islands. Once he left, The Company began to have inner turmoil and squabbles which would lead us back to fringe players fighting for turf and control again, which is what brings us here today. Other smaller groups controlled business for a little time, but nobody it seems could come close to it's former leaders, except Mike Miske.

Michael Miske has been known in Hawaii for years, and allegedly has been operating as a boss in Hawaii since the mid- 1990's. Those who know him or have had the unfortunate pleasure of angering him will tell you, he's not the type of guy you want to anger, insult, or want at your door. Miske, is the type of mob boss, who doesn't need to call six guys to handle his problem. He does it himself, which is rare even for an alleged mob boss. If you ask locals who he is, you might get a few different answers. Most say he is a hard working businessman who owns clubs, restaurants, a pest control business, real estate guru. If you ask the Fraser family, they will tell you he's a psychopath. The FBI had been watching Miske for almost nine years, but could never get anything on him, nobody in his borgata would turn on him. They all feared him.

Termite & Pest Control, Inc., Kama'aina Holdings LLC, HawaiiPartners,LLP, Kama'aina Plumbing and Home Renovations, Kama'aina Energy,LLC (formerly Kama'aina Solar Solutions), Makana Pacific Development LLC, and the Encore Nightclub (formerly the M Nightclub) We all businesses owned and operated by Miske in Oahu, which was his base of operations. The focus of the investigation was through Termite and Pest Control Inc, which was the main company that Miske was using to launder millions of dollars a year. It's the one place Miske felt safe. The company was also the one used, to settle serious beefs. When I mean beefs, I mean serious beefs. Miske had wanted to take over two new hot nightclubs In Honolulu , and according the FEDS, when those owners refused to bend Miske ordered his crew to use chloropicrin, which is is a C-nitro compound that is nitromethane in which all three hydrogens are replaced by chlorines. It is a severe irritant, and can cause immediate, severe inflammation of the eyes, nose and throat, and significant injuries to the upper and lower respiratory tract. Formerly stockpiled as a chemical warfare agent, it has been widely used in the US as a soil fumigant, particularly for strawberry crops. In other words, you don't want to hand over the keys, okay, we will use chemical warfare against you.

Loan Sharking, Extortion, Gambling, narcotics trafficking were all on the menu for Miske. Anyone who got in the way was either hurt so badly they left the Island, or in a few alleged cases were murdered. Perhaps taking a page out of the FEDS handbook, would even place tracking devices and GPS devices on anyone they thought was remotely going to be a problem for the family. The murder charge however is one, that Hawaiian authorities knew was likely done by the Miske group, they just weren't able to put it together until this indictment dropped. Miske is charge with orchestrating the kidnapping, murder, and dismemberment of Jonathan Fraser, who was a passenger of a car, which was involved in a horrific wreck which killed Miske's son Caleb-Jordan Keanu Miske-Lee. Fraser's body was never found.

According to the CC1- which is the cooperator in this case, Miske was willing to pay anything for the murder of Fraser. He also charged CC1 with the task of setting up the kidnapping, for the sole intent to murder. Miske according to the indictment agreed and did purchase a Boston Whaler boat, which would be used in commission of removing Frasers body from the land. CC2, the other cooperator in this case, took out Fraser's girlfriend in an effort to separate the two, and give the appearance that everything was okay. The significant other was given a SPA day, paid for by Miske. Fraser was in fact murdered in 2016.

Not to be undone by one murder, but Miske according to the indictment, has multiple kidnapping and attempted murder charges. It would appear that Miske wasn't just a sit behind the desk sort of boss, he would handle business himself. Along with Miske, 11 others were arrested. John Stancil, Kaulana Freitas, Lance Bermudez, Dae Han Moon, Preston Kimoto, Michael Buntenbah, Harry Kauhi, Norman Akau, Hunter Wilson, and Jarrin Young were all charged in the 22 count indictment, For Miske, who tried to explain his wealth at previous points to the police, had a hard time explaining his net worth being $4 million, when his bank account, which was seized showed $11 million dollars in available funds, and another $8 million in accessible funds in another account. It also didn't help Miske, when FEDS raided his $8 million dollar home and found drugs and cash.

Miske wasn't a silent don, in fact, he was notorious on the Island for fighting anyone who got in his way, for assaulting anyone who didn't agree with him, anyone who dared talk back to him. Ask former Washington Redskins Tackle Trent Williams, who got out of line with Miske. Williams who was in a club owned by Miske, got out of line, and was asked to leave. Williams refused, and Miske cracked him over the head with a champagne bottle. The scene was so bad, Williams(who was there to play in the pro bowl) was carried out by friends. He was scratched from the Pro Bowl as he had a concussion from the blow, and sources told me he flew off the Island immediately after hearing who he insulted. That's how much power Miske had. Miske truly since the mid 90's has been the boss of Hawaii. His wealth is staggering, his penchant for violence is about what you would believe it to be, but the one interesting fact about Miske is that he'd do his own dirty work, and its been a long time since we've seen a boss who gets in the trenches. For the Miske family, it's all but overweigh now, Miske has been told he is facing the death penalty, and I would imagine some Hawaiian's are breathing easier these days, but whatever is left of the family will likely be absorbed by another up and comer. History ALWAYS repeats itself.

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