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"I waited at a bus stop, our eyes met, and I blew his head off," Scarfo testifies.

Montreal, Quebec. A few days ago, Dominico Scarfo, no relation to Philadelphia era boss Nicodemo Scarfo, took the stand in the murder trial of Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito. When Scarfo took the stand, he initially refused to answer any questions regarding anything.

He would unleash a profanity laced statement to the prosecutor Isabelle Poulin. Scarfo, made claims that he was "getting fucked over by everyone involved." He then apologized to the presiding judge in the case Michel Pennou.

Scarfo was worried that he would be prosecuted for anything he said, including murders. He further exploded by screaming that, "he was being fucked in the ass," by Sûreté du Québec and that his contract with becoming an informant in the case was not being handled correctly, and the agreement he made wasn't going to be upheld.

The Judge in the case would intercede and explain what could happen as a result if refused to testify. After a short recess, Scarfo would return and would begin to talk. One of the first questions asked, was how Rocco Sollecito was murdered. Scarfo would explain that he stood in a nearby public bus stall waiting. He waited for Sollecito to arrive in his BMW. As the BMW entered the lot, it slowed up just in front of the bus stall. Scarfo had parked a car just in front of the stall to ensure that the vehicles would have to slow up, this way he could get off a proper shot.

When Dominick pulls in," they slow to a crawl. I see Rocco. I pulled my gun out. I look at him, he looks right at me. I didn't panic. I stayed relaxed. I raised my arm and fired off two rounds right through the passenger side window. I shot him once, I then moved forward and emptied my clip in Rocco. Rocco didn't panic, he just kinda sat there, I thought for sure he was going to ram the car in front of him. He didn't, he just sat there." Scarfo would explain.

According to Scarfo a third accomplice was involved, whose name was remitted because the Canadian press is not allowed to mention an informants name in the paper legally, is the one who tipped off Scarfo and his associate by passing by on a motorcycle nearby. "As he drove by, I knew Rocco was coming, I knew it was time to move in front of Rocco.

We now officially know, what happened. We know how the hit was designed. The reason for the hit we have spoken about prior, but it was a move designed allegedly by N'drangehta to remove all Sicilian leaders within Canada, which one might consider a hostile take over. Scarfo, a self-admitted member of N'drangheta, is scheduled to continue to testify in the case.

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