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The title is a bit of an anticlimactic statement, but the truth is, at least in September the defendants in the South Philadelphia mob indictment will at least know when they are going on trial. It's been an incredible long 7-9 months of mishaps, frustrations, media frenzy, and some pretty egregious reporting. In my entire life, I have never seen such an indictment of tight wrapped dog turds in my life. You'd think Al Capone had come back to life, and began extorting priests and nuns.

This indictment, in part, has some merit. What I mean by merit is, there could be, and can be some things in it, that could paint a picture of 1955 New York City. The difference is, it's not New York City, rather South Philadelphia circa 2015-2020(or some variation) and I say variation because in a four-to-six year investigation of what the government labels "COSA NOSTRA," if this is the best they can serve up, then I feel bad for the American tax dollars being spent to do this. It's a waste of time, money, and resources. There is zero violence in this indictment, which usual is the pile driver for the mob in many ways. Instead we have extortion, loan sharking, gambling, and alleged drug dealing. It's being served up by one of the most laughable cooperators named Anthony Persiano. Not only a junkie, but a nickel and dime fraud guy, whose allegedly been inducted into the mafia by three different families. I guess he's special like our short bus friend Ralphie "Teeth" Natale, who was so incredibly special Carlo Gambino had to make him twice. Remember kids, Ralphie "killed more people than cancer"; meanwhile attempted to pimp out his own daughter at one point.

There has been so much legal wrangling in this case, and so many false starts, and forged unethical heretic-type stuff going on in this case, that I'm shocked we've reached any stage of formality. From far flung bullshit accusations by the federal government, to sealed then unsealed documents, one has to wonder what kind of soap opera we are watching. If it had a name I'd call it "Delusion Drift," and I say that because if you look hard into not only this indictment, but the indictment of Anthony Persiano, you would scratch you're head like I do. Let's give some examples.

If you are a student of the game, you would understand a few facets of how organized crime works, and not the government version, because remember these are the same team America smucks who claimed Joey Merlino was the boss of the Genovese crime family. Even the crackheads on the corner of my neighborhood would know the difference. We understand throughout history that a boss is a boss. He has under that an underboss, and then a consigliere. Under that Captains, who direct the soldiers, associates and other made guys who aren't ranking members. In Persiano's indictment, there is a lot of discussion, and I don't want to directly quote because I will lose you in the process. Anthony Persiano is told directly "stay the hell out of Atlantic City, don't do anything out there. Nothing. Stay out." That directly refutes what Stevie Mazzone is alleged to have said on wiretaps. According to the federal government Mazzone directed men to take back Atlantic City, meanwhile in Persiano's indictment there are transcripts that sort of make it not the case. In fact, Persiano is caught having a conversation with Joe Servidio is also in this indictment, and is currently residing in prison awaiting trial for these charges. Servidio and Persiano have a conversation in which Servidio and Persiano lament how they are not to do anything in Atlantic City. So if that is the decree stated by one would assume the boss, acting boss, or underboss, then they shouldn't be out in Atlantic City to begin with. Servidio explains "I do what the fuck I want. I'll do whatever I want." Servidio then allegedly went on to sell drugs, you know to undercover agents a dozen times. So if we follow the logic, both Persiano and Servidio know they are not to be doing anything in Atlantic City, and both or one, chooses to do so, and gets caught. Now, push a bit further. The feds allege Stevie Mazzone directed them. Yet they are caught talking and saying they aren't allowed to move in Atlantic City for any reason. That refutes the government. The second facet is, if your "capo" has delivered that message and told you to stay out of Atlantic City, told you to "stay out of A.C." and you do it anyway, then you are disobeying a direct order. That means the alleged capo in charge of that crew is not aware of what you are doing. That also means that, this alleged capo is NOT responsible for your actions. This alleged capo then gets hemmed up in a conspiracy because of two idiots.

Do you see what I'm getting at. People have been charged with crimes in this indictment that can be refuted at a lot of different turns. I would think, from a logical standpoint, if I see that two guys are admitting they are not to be in Atlantic City, and they do it anyway, then I would find it hard to believe the alleged Capo knew anything about it. We know the rules, we know how it works. You either do it on the sneak and hope to god nobody finds out, or you just don't do it. In this case, they got caught, and one of them was a rat. That's the easy way of looking at it. The government knows darn well, that these drug charges don't flow back to anyone but the morons who got caught doing it. You cannot blame a leader or alleged leader at that, especially when the ones involved are stating six times they were not allowed to function in Atlantic City. But let's double down.

At one point in the transcripts, Servidio and Persiano have a discussion about going to see the alleged capo about the business in Atlantic City, and perhaps in a moment of clarity, Servidio attempts to subvert anyone finding out, and laments that Persiano doesn't need to bring it up, not to bother. Touching base wasn't a bright idea, and for good reason. This is yet another example of entrapment as far as I am concerned. You cannot charge someone with drug dealing if he has no clue it's going on. Have the Feds ever seen a Soprano's episode? Listen, guys do whatever they gotta do to survive, and some hold back, it's just the life, but this has become more of a we got A and B let's blame C. Those are truly the most damaging parts of the indictment which can be refuted, and I hope they are, because it's not clear to me, regardless of my position, if those charges are accurate or honest.

Legal wrangling has been obscene. Defendants in this case were not given evidentiary items for a long time. In most cases, specifically a few murder cases I know of, defendants accused of chopping people up were handed tapes, transcripts and everything in a relatively short period of time. In this case however, the government made continuous arguments that they wanted everything sealed, and were nice enough to mention me as a reason. For those that know, and don't, I was accused of outing an informant in the Philip Narducci loansharking case. They accused me of somehow acting complicit with Philip Narducci in using court documents that were sealed, to exploit or potentially exploit the jury. It's all nonsense, and the most laughable accusation I've ever encountered. I did out that rat, and would do it again and again and again. The information I did get, I never got from Philip. In fact, I'm the one who gave that info to a half a dozen media outlets. Good. Phil got a slap, went away and came home. In that case, the informant was a known terrorist.

The government made the argument in the Philly case, that they were afraid that information or a situation similar to the Narducci issue would come to light, meaning I would find out and blow them away. How confident can you be in your case, if you're worried about a nobody like me finding out? It's because the case is garbage, and filled with gaps and holes. They want to rely on another junkie and liar to propel a case that took them four to six years to develop. The back and forth between the government and defense attorneys was pretty vile, but eventually the biggest jerk in all of mob reporting, Jerry Capeci released documents that were sealed, and the government got what they wanted. I know how he got them, but I'm not going to divulge that. Jerry is protected by keeping his sources quiet, but we all know where he got it, and it's pathetic. You just don't handicap a defendant like that. All that did was begin the accusation and stall game. So much for the right to a fair and speedy trial. For months it's just been a bath and forth and to my knowledge, defendants have gotten the evidence at a snails pace. At one point, a defense attorney was threatening to ask for the judge to throw out the charges because the government just refused to do anything.

Finally, we have our eyes set on September. At least then, these defendants will know when they can expect to go on trial for these charges. I would expect, that, the trial won't begin at the least until Jan 2022, and with Covid coming back, who the hell knows. Whether that stall works out to benefit the guys, I'm just not sure. At least there a flicker of light down the hall now. Whether I attend the trial or not, I haven't decided.

Whether or not anyone believes me, I have to take a second to state a few things, not as a blogger, not as anything other than a human being. I don't care if you believe me or not. What I can tell you is this. Stevie Mazzone is a good man. He is beloved by anyone whose ever met him, or been around him for any length of time. I consider myself his friend, and would do anything to help him, or his family. He has never uttered a bad word about anyone, never ever been anything but a gentlemen. I cannot believe anything that the feds have alleged about him, I just can't. He is one of the best guys to have a conversation with. Some of us laugh behind his back, because he reminds me of Dean Martin in every way. It's his personality. He's not some demonic monster the feds want you to believe he is. Funny, Stevie was no considered a danger to the community that loves him while the feds were investigating him, but the second they arrested him he somehow became Charles Manson. It's bullshit. Believe me, an army of people love that guy, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't get railroaded.

His brother, Sonny, is also a friend of mine. Sonny is one of the nicest guys you could ever know. He cares about his friends, loves his brother like nobodies business, and the guy would take a bullet for anyone. That's a throwback. The fact these feds blame him for anything enraged me. If you knew him, like I do, you'd know, this guy is nothing what the indictment reads. He is NOT that guy at all. This is a guy, who checked in on me, when I had stuff going on in my life. That's what you do. You care about people. The Mazzone's exemplify everything about old school, and they remind me of my own family, which is why I probably like them so much. I have covered trials, and you know you never let it get personal, ever. But this is person, very very personal. So for those who are gonna allege this and that, you can go fuck yourselves. I defend my friends, just as I will always defend Joey Merlino. You think I'm gonna defend people I don't know?

So, with all that being said, I can tell you, they didn't do any of this crap. Whether I go to any trial has nothing to do with not being loyal, its because I can be a distraction, and unlike some other people, I can't sit in a fucking courtroom and listen to lies about good people. Same thing happened at Joey's trial. So think what you will, but there's an army standing behind these guys, and that's what's most important.

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