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El-Mencho(Namesio Oseguera Cervantes), the ultra-violent, ritualistic, psychopathic leader of the new generation of the Jalisco Cartel(CJNG)-formerly known as Los Mata Zetas and Los Torcidos, has his greed, violent nature, and confidence but perhaps a bit of ignorance as well. For El Mencho, seems to at least, be underestimating El-Mayo(the head of the Sinaloa Cartel) as well as El-Chapitos(El-Chapo’s sons). It could be laying out the ground work for the beginning of he end for El-Mencho and his cartel. El-Mencho, in his mid 50’s is currently on dialysis as a result of late stage kidney failure.

It began with El-Mencho pushing his way into Durango, Mexico. Money being the root for everything, it was also a feeble attempt at a power grab, to control 1/3 of the Mexican Golden Triangle. The Mexican Golden Triangle is a rural region of northern Mexico in the states of Sinaloa, Chihuahua, and Durango in which - starting in the 1960s - around 20,000 farmers came to produce 74% of illegal drugs in the United States through the cultivation of marijuana and opium. The Golden Triangle region was the birthplace of El Chapo's Sinaloa Cartel, and, during the 2000s and 2010s, El Chapo controlled local politics in the region with the help of the corrupt PRI party. The region was targeted by the Mexican government in Operation Condor from 1975 to 1988 and again during the Mexican Drug War, but it continued to be a Sinaloa stronghold into the 2020s.

The Sinaloa Cartel has been essentially split into two factions. El-Mayo, Los Chapitos and the Juarez Cartel protect and rule over the Golden Triangle with an iron fist, so the area is lucrative for all involved.


In the last three weeks El-Mencho has had it rough. He’s seen his plaza boss in Queretaro ruthlessly killed allegedly on behalf of El-Chapitos, who contracted the murder out to ten and twelve year olds who work for the Sinaloa Cartel. He also saw his plaza boss in Tijuana El-Cabo-89, captured and arrested by the military. There have long been rumors that the military has accepted payments for jobs from both El-Mayo and Los Chapitos. Then on March 22, 2021, after a small gun battle, El-Mencho’s chief lieutenant and regional boss Erick Del Toro aka “M3” was captured, followed by the capture and arrest of El-Mencho’s plaza boss of Cancun. It’s not be a great three weeks for El-Mencho. But it would get worse.

Just as El-Mencho is fighting on all fronts, his son, who resides in the United States was having issues, specifically regarding money laundering. Instead considering and weighing his options, he sends his daughter across the border and as soon as she appears in the United States, she is arrested immediately. Not to be outdone by all the turmoil, one of El-Mencho’s preferred female assassins, who he recently sent to Mexico City to whack an Israeli Crime boss, who was hit in a brazen broad daylight hit, was arrested.

In just 21 days, El-Mencho has lost all that, a full fledged war has begun between El-Mencho versus Los Correa and La Nueva Familia. Los Correa(headed by Daniel Correa Velazquez, aka “Apollo, La Tigre”). It’s worth noting that Los Correa are friendly with El-Mayo and his cartel as well as La Familia Michoacan. About five years ago Los Correa arrived on the scene as high profile kidnappings and some low level thefts like stealing crude oil from pumping stations. Perhaps they are better known for chopping down exotic trees and moving them for huge sums(some say as much as $5,000 per tree) which is a big business. It’s also a huge business in Colombia as well. One thing that they also are, is RUTHLESS. It begs me to ask this question. We know how much money is there, how much is at stake. The drug business is a billion dollar business. How far are they willing to push? To what extent will the ruthlessness go? If history is any indicator, it will be more than heads on bridges.

In recent years La Familia Michoacan has been all but defunct, but along comes El-Mencho, add his desires for greed, power and wealth, followed by his turf meddling especially into The Golden Triangle, and now you have now is not just a war, but in influx of guns, money and the ebb and flow of narcotics. It’s a never ending cycle.

In final, a big thank you to El-Mayo, Los Chapitos, and to the Sinaloa Cartel for having the plan to join forces to rid Mexico of El-Mencho and his Cartel. Sometimes garbage is taken out by unlikely heroes. Word is out of Venezuela, is that El-Mayo has taken over complete control of the cocaine trade, which not only is huge on a world’s scope, but it also is a huge feat on the Mexican battlefield as well. While I could be wrong, it’s my opinion that if El-Mencho isn’t finished, he’s definitely close to being wiped out, but if not… then I suspect that El-Mayo, Los Chapitos, Los Correa, Le Nueva Familia and Los Familia of Michoacan will finish whatever is left over.

Look out soon for my next article about the rebirth of Los Anthrax..

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