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Italian Venetian Prince, Matteo Costacurta Charged In Attempted Mob Slaying, and alleged Mobster.

Rome, Italy. Matteo Costcurta has been arrested in what Rome is alleging is a mafia hit. Costacurta,33, whose is an Italian aristocrat has been arrested in what authorities are calling a mob murder, in retaliation for an extortion beef in Rome.

Costacurta, along with 5 others was arrested in Rome, after they were able to penetrate a very deep network of encrypted communications between those involved. Costracurta, whose been alleged to have ties to Prince Harry of all people, as well as Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari, which is a sub terrorist-like group, which was held responsible for the bombing of Bologna railway station in 1980 which killed 85 people.

The situation came about when Alessio Marzani, alleged mob figure, demanded hush money for hiding drugs that belong to another mob boss, and kept his mouth shut about it will he was in prison. Marzani demanded $1,000 dollars a month from Daniele Gallarello. Gallarello went to Costacurta, to put a stop to the extortion.

According to police, Costacurta demanded $30,000 in return for murdering Marzani. Costacurta then turned to Albanian mob boss Elvis Demce to carry out the hit. Police allege that Costacurta helped Demce locate Marzani.

October 20, 2020, Demce and Costacurta used a motorcycle, tracked down Marzani to Aciila, Italy. They found Marzani, and shot Marzani in the chest and arm. Marzani somehow got up and ran inside a building where paramedics were able to get him. He spent the next 45 days in a hospital fighting for his life. Also arrested was former professional soccer player Alessandro Corvesi, who at the time of his arrest was found allegedly in possession of 2kg of cocaine.

It's worth noting that Costacurta, has played at an elite polo club founded by his family in 1930, and many nobles, including Prince Harry have played at the club, and and is friendly with Costacurta.

Story Developing..........

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