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This bum has stalked Joe Ligambi, Phil Narducci, and Joey Merlino. He's also reported outright lies, or at least stretched them about Steven Sharkey, and Anthony Nicodemo. Now he's wants to be reckless with Joseph Massimino.

Let's be honest, nobody ever gets it 100% right. That's just the truth. Not even me. However you know, the longer I sit back and watch some of the shoddiest reporting ever, I cannot help but wonder what the bottom line is for this idiot. As a journalist, which I am not, I have never pretended to be, the one thing I won't do, is lead you down a path where I half ass it. What I mean is this. If a guy is a rat, I'm gonna tell you immediately. What I will never ever do, which two reporters down in Philadelphia have done, has allude without saying it, that "this one could be talking, this one might be talking." It's utterly revolting. It not only is click bait, but they're leading readers down a path that has not a single factual element to it. Not only is it reckless, but they don't care whose life they put in danger by uttering and abjectly lying. One of these particular reporters is Dave Schratwieser.

The problem with Dave, is that he's more fan-boy then journalist these days. While anyone has the right to cover stories however they want, the one thing I take issue with is something he said about me. "We deal in facts, he deals in bullshit." The truth is, I am anti-FBI, I'm anti-cop. It doesn't mean I wish ill will on the police. It means I have seen the FBI and the government do things to people that is utterly repulsive. So we have a different viewpoint. I can respect a different view point. What I cannot respect is some of the tactics this guy uses, such as peeking over fences, taking photo's of guys like Joe Ligambi sunning himself on his back deck. I cannot respect a guy who hides in the bushes to get the shot of Phil Narducci getting arrested. How about the one where Joe Ligambi is sitting at his table reading the newspaper? How is that justified? All that aside, there is a bigger issue.

Facts are facts correct? If you don't know something for a fact, there are tricks to the trade. Allegedly, according to, it's been said, all of those phrases. Sometimes the words you choose to write can make a person look a certain kind of way publicly. The one thing I don't think any journalist should do, is put a guy in harms way, with his reckless NON FACTUAL, but alluding to type of tease bullshit. Steven Sharkey, whom we have discussed in the past, has been alleged to be a street guy an associate of the Philadelphia mafia, One of the things that Dave did when Sharkey was released from prison then ended up going back, only to get out again, blatantly on his social media page, without doing a shred of research into the matter, said and I am paraphrasing here, that Sharkey being released early then picked back up, "HAS GUYS TALKING ON THE STREETS." It was meant to infer that Sharkey might be talking to the federal government in some sort of witness form. None of it was true, and I can tell you for a fact, nobody was talking about Sharkey. Had Dave done his research, he would have known there was a clerical error and Sharkey owed more time related to what I believe was a DUI offense. Sharkey took to social media to correct Dave completely. Did Dave apologize? No. Not once. He never held himself accountable for essentially calling the guy an informant. It wasn't the first time Dave has done this.

Anthony Nicodemo, is currently serving a huge sentence, for a conviction you can look up for yourself. Anthony was moved from one prison to another prison closer to Philadelphia. Once again, Dave goes to work trying to infer that Nicodemo is talking to the feds. "What would they move him closer to Philly, to put heat on? Or could he be talking?" While speculation aside, because I understand speculation, but once again he's intentionally labeling someone, he's intentionally trying to put it into your head that there is a possibility when in fact there is NOT. If he knew the streets, or had all these "mob friends," he would know that Anthony Nicodemo is one of the most stand up guys in the world. All you have to do is be around long enough to hear his name, and people talk so kindly about him, despite what the FBI has levied over the years. It's a reckless thing to do.

Just recently he posted a photo of Joseph Massimino, who is finishing up a long sentence. According to the BOP he is due out 9/24/24. Massimino had been moved recently to Brooklyn MDC. Dave knows nothing about NYC, knows nothing about the prison system apparently, because he posted a photo of Massimino saying "we don't know why he's been moved there, we haven't been given an answer." Once again, salacious drama and bullshit. He is attempting to put it into your head that Massimino could be talking, or because he doesn't understand how the system works, or because he doesn't know anything somehow this means or has a negative connotation to it. If he knew anything about the system, Brooklyn has no rec. They have no yard. It's a pure hell hole, and a spillover for NY cases, and is NOT a weigh station transfer to another prison. Phil Narducci finished his 18 month sentence in Brooklyn MDC. It's not meant to house a guy for his term, it's for people in the NY system or fed system who have been convicted and are awaiting a prison move, or it's guys who are about to get out of prison. Most guys coming to the end of their term, can be porters, and get jobs. It's meant to facilitate your sentence ending. Massimino 71, is coming to the end of his sentence. He wasn't sent there for suspicious reasons. If Schratwieser had any common sense he'd know that, instead of tying to build some drama where there `isn't any. This is what he does, more often than not.

While he claims I may be full of bullshit, I know more about what is going on in South Philadelphia then he does, and he's what 40 minutes from there? He's been at this what 35 years, and I know more then he does? It's not about who knows more, who knows less, or how I report versus how he reports. You're always going to have a compare and contrast and different viewpoints. I'm okay with that 100%. Where I sort of take issue with him is the fact that he's no better than Geraldo on Fox. He has bullshit theories, half-baked stories, and information that is, at best, not even close to the reality of life. He can think otherwise, but the truth is, when you intentionally write gossipy shit, or you attempt to make it cloak and dagger when it's more sunshine and roses, and when you put someone in jeopardy for either being lazy, or just because you don't know what is going on, then you should probably cover something more your speed like blind team sports. So he can say I "sell bullshit, " but the reality is, unlike Dave, I tell you the facts I give you my two cents, and I get the facts right, and I don't jeopardize people for the sake of attention like the whore Dave tries to be. How the hell did this guy win an Emmy? Don't take it from me, just look around long enough, and you'll see what I'm talking about, in fact Dave is currently getting roasted all over his IG page for his bs. You can fool yourself Dave, but eventually people open their eyes and see you for what you are.

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