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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

In what has been a long winding saga in South Philadelphia(18 months) we are getting closer, but still a ways off from any sort of revelations or trial dates. Earlier today defense attorneys met with the Judge overseeing the case for a case status update. In the short meeting, not much got resolved. Anyone expecting a trial date, should just hit the pause button and get a Netflix account and just chill. No trial dates are forthcoming, until at least 2022.

However, what did come out of the hearing, was that the Judge overseeing the case wants to split the defendants into three separate trials. The reasoning for this, at least according to sources is that because of the problematic issues with COVID, that is really the best option and scenario for the defendants. Alleged Underboss Stevie Mazzone will have his own trial, alleged Capo Domenic Grande will have his own trial, and all the others including 12 defendants will have their own trial. One of the more interesting questions from a legal perspective that has been bantered about a bit, is whether it is better to separate oneself from the others, or combat the government together.

Anytime there is a massive indictment, some guys will want to distance themselves and for good reason from other defendants in the case, specifically low tier associates. You don't want to end up next to an alleged leader in court. It works against you in some cases. The problem with the separation in some instances, is that instead of an informant or agent getting hammered by ten lawyers in a cross examination it's only one attorney. "It has it's pros and. cons, but you definitely want to abuse an informant as many times as you can, but it's a different situation for defendants who may have a more significant role and or charges than others," a New York Attorney would tell me this afternoon.

From what was reported from court, and from sources, was that defendants had received more materials from the government to go over and sift through, and one has to ask why it took 18+ months to receive materials. "The government plays it's games with defendants rights all the time, and it didn't help what Jerry Capeci did. He put defendants in a bind, and he should really be ashamed of himself for releasing sealed documents, full well knowing the result. He should just fucking retire and move to Florida," an unnamed source would tell me. In case you are unaware of the specifics, Capeci released information from a sealed court document, to bolster his pay for play website, full well knowing, that in Philadelphia their were already arguments on behalf of the government about this specific situation. What Capeci did, was essentially put out sealed information for headlines, not giving a shit how that would 1)effect the case, and 2) effect the defendants. All it did was play into the government's laughable predictions. Why Capeci wasn't held accountable for those actions is totally confusing to me. It put the defendants behind the eight ball, and allowed the government to take it's time releasing documents they needed to prepare for a trial. It handicapped the defense, and got so bad, nasty grams went back and forth between defense attorneys and the government because the government refused to send over materials in a timely manner.

Whether the three separate trials helps any one defendant can be argued to and for, but at the end the day, there just seems to be no end in sight, as some of the defendants still sit under house arrest, which is a completely other issue itself. There have been cases, for example here in New York City, where a mob boss was put on trial for multiple murders, and was not under any house arrest type of situation. It's either the government in Philadelphia overreaching, or having delusions. It's one thing to have an indictment and arrests, it's another to lock these guys in a house, where they cannot go anywhere, when there is no violent crimes in this indictment. The entire reasoning, is for looks. It's a smokescreen. The government wants to make these guys look evil, and psychopathic because it fits their narrative in every sense. Meanwhile prior to these arrests during an ongoing five year investigation, not a single one of these guys were an "alleged threat to their community." Amazing how they become threats after being arrested but not before.

I would suspect the summer or fall of 2022. I don't see them being ready for Springtime follies. We shall see what comes of this, but it's just another day in South Philadelphia.

*Those on house arrest have now been released of house arrest and are on a strict curfew.

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