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In the grand scheme of stand up guys, it's rare to come across one single person who in every way establishes the true meaning of stand up. For Frank Locascio, being stand up, meant you take your medicine like a man, you utter no ill words against your friends, even if, the accusations thrown at you are completely false. Frank Locascio has spent the last 29 years of this life in prison, for crimes he did not commit. His greatest crime, was being a loyal friend to John Gotti. When Locascio was sentenced to life in prison in 1992, he addressed the judge. "“First, I would like to say emphatically that I am innocent... I am guilty though. I am guilty of being a good friend of John Gotti. And if there were more men like John Gotti on this earth, we would have a better country." While that statement showed true loyalty, he knew then, like everyone else there in attendance, he was falling on his sword for his friend, his way of life, his friends.

April 2, 1992, Locascio was convicted on racketeering and conspiracy charges, as was John Gotti. The charge that put Locascio in prison for the rest of his life was the conspiracy murder charges in the hit on Louis DiBono, who was shot and killed in the parking garage of the World Trade Center. What is factual is that Locascio was present in those tapes of John Gotti discussing the alleged murders of many members of the Gambino Crime Family. In fact, those tapes pretty much prove that Locascio didn't know of the murders. It's Gotti explaining on several tapes why this guy was whacked and the reasons for it. I won't regurgitate those tapes, because there is a smoking gun here, and that's Salvatore "Sammy The Bullshitter" Gravano.

November of 2018 Gravano admitted that Frank LoCascio "had nothing to do with the planning or the murder of Louis DiBono." When Gravano was asked why he didn't tell the FBI about that in his debriefings, he explained quite frankly "nobody asked me." So in fact, Locascio got punished for a murder he had no involvement in. Gravano at any point could have told the FBI that, and he could have stopped the wagon wheels, and didn't. It's not because nobody asked him, it's because he is a piece of trash, who only cared about himself. In 2018 Locascio began to file a flurry of legal paperwork, which included a statement by Gravano acknowledging that Locascio had nothing to do with that murder, however Gravano already pegged him as being involved. It's hypocrisy in it's truest form.

February 13, 2020 a federal appeals court in Manhattan would allow Gravano's statement to be admitted on the record. What is known is that those in the streets is that Locascio in fact tried saving DiBono's life. He pleaded with John Gotti to let it go. A 1989 wiretap proves it. Locascio can be heard pleading with John Gotti, telling Gotti to just let DiBono fork over $50,000 for being absent. The problem is, those wiretaps all seemed to have disappeared. The story is that during Hurricane Sandy, a fed warehouse's basement was flooded, therefore the tapes had been ruined. The fact is, that's a lie. Those tapes are often destroyed after a few years, it's FBI protocol to destroy them. Meanwhile you can hear them on YOUTUBE.

While I'm sure transcripts would have helped, the reality is, without the tapes, and Gravano backtracking, it ended up to be futile. Locascio would never get that hearing, never get a fair shake, and would pass away in prison innocent of the murder charges he faced.

What is sickening, is that, Gravano didn't care about Frankie, he didn't care about his plight, and his supporters will argue that Gravano in the end did the right thing, but I disagree totally. Gravano lied from day one, which put Locascio in the can for life. He didn't care then, and he doesn't care now. He never ever cared. It was about self-survival and self absorption. He should have done the right thing from day one. The mere fact that his excuse is that "well nobody asked me,," is about as repulsive as it gets. Locascio may not have been a saint in any stretch of the imagination, but he was loyal, and stand up, and he should have gotten a fair shake. I've always said, you stand by Gotti you're going to pay dearly, and he did, but it's not Gotti's fault, it's at Gravano's feet and he should be ashamed of himself. Locascio is a legend, and Gravano is 1990's soiled trash. Just a shame Frankie never got a fair shot.


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