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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

It's been a great weekend. Either the tide is turning, or Judges are getting fed up with the rat routine. Gene "Big Mouth" Borrello, was arrested Sunday for multiple violations. Jerry Capeci, from Ganglandnews reported last week that Borrello may be arrested for a profanity laced series of threats against his former girlfriend, her husband, and her father. Not only did Gene threaten to kill the husband, but even threatened to take her elderly father outside and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM." Why? All because she refused to allow Gene to use a photo or her in his tell all book, which should aptly be named " Never had the makings of a varsity athlete."

Gene was arrested, and held without bail, despite repeatedly interrupting the judge, as did his mother who begged the judge to grant bail. The judge in the case violated him not only for the threats, but for doing a podcast with a former felon, whom the judge said "Glorified crime non stop." Meanwhile Borrello has never paid a dime of restitution to the government, but drives a Porsche, shows off Rolex watches and wads of cash, and threatens people including myself all over social media.

Borrello's violation is another in a string of government hand fed swamp creatures who have been caught breaking the law, and glorifying their pasts, if not inflating the crap out of their pasts., and called before judges. Borrello was denied bail, much to his mothers pleading, and will be held in non-protective custody, which led his mother to fear that he would "get his slit throat by those he ratted on." Justice? Many in Howard Beach say so.

The Howard Beach community was outraged when Borrello was released back into the community after wreaking havoc, by robbing and stealing and breaking into homes within his own community. Many warned the judge what would happen, and it looks as if they were right. The amusing part, is that Borrello claimed to have never threatened anyone, and that everything was being blown out of reality, and that the judge was trying to "bury him." Sorry rat, that's not the case. Your big mouth got you here, and from all the threats you've put on social media about myself and others, and the things you have said about good people, sorta serves you right. Might add that it's a little more than suspicious that two of the rats on a certain podcast have been rearrested or gotten in trouble. Wonder if someone dropped a dime from the inside. Wouldn't shock me. It's happened before. Rats ratting on rats.

As for Borrello, it's yet to be determined on what Brooklyn prosecutors will do, but the fact that a judge didn't want to hear his high pitched whiney ass complain about being persecuted, is a step in the right direction.

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