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The old adage that, these mob rats can go anywhere, anytime without a problem, is what they want you to believe. The fact is, they can't. Maybe in New York they will galavant to old haunts, but that's something that rarely happens. In fact, we have seen many articles and news reports of people going to the wrong place, and get chased out of the building after threatening to call the cops.

One particular rat, is probably the absolutely worst when it comes to bragging about going all over New York. In fact many have speculated this informant was chased out of New Jersey, and is now residing in Florida out of fear. What I can tell you is, this informant twice caught swift beatings while traveling in Europe. I know because I know people in Europe who called me, and told me what happened to this repulsive pos. Some informants believe their own lies, and take it to a level which is almost comical.

Albania, is a country that loathes rats. Finland is a county that loathes rats. Sweden is a country that loathes rats, and if you look close enough, you will see what happened to rats in these countries. They are killed. Europe has a zero tolerance policy regarding informants, especially American ones who come over and attempt to play the tough guy role. On two occasions this rat attempted to enter clubs, flashing money, acting the role, and twice he was dropped on his head outside of the clubs and terrified. So much for the tough guy role.

While many will speculate the veracity of this story, let me explain that my contacts in Europe are major players in the underworld. These are men who do not see rats as cute, or funny. They despise them. They hate them. They want them under the ground, and they don't want them in their countries. While I will not divulge who they are, one of them is looking at a long stretch here shortly, with alleged ties to N'drangheta, and other serious criminal groups. This guy, who is a close friend of mine, released a torrent of obscenities in broken English when I spoke to him about this particular informant.

"He's a coward, a bitch. He's a nothing. Ask him how his time here went. Ask him how his head feels?"- he said while laughing. "You know me Jeff, you know us, we don't fucking play with these clowns. He wants to fuck around here there is only one way." he barked recently on a phone call. The criminal underworld in Europe, is steeped in cloak and dagger, hushed tones, and they are beyond serious individuals. In this person's particular case, there are vast allegations of narcotics, some hints to murder, and everything in-between. While the American mob is very different, what makes Europe stand out is the lack of patience when it comes to informants.

"Look around for yourself, look at the life expectancy of a fuckin' rat over here. They get out, and within a month they are butchered. They aren't just shot, they are butchered." The particular informant in question is lucky he wasn't killed. Catching a beating is a warning. Next time, you won't come home. That seems to be the mentality of European gangsters. It's the reason why Finland for example is a place you do not want to step over the line. Finland a country I have never been too, likely wouldn't allow me in, considering that the prison system has banned my radio show in their facilities. According to reports, someone told a hack in the prison I was sending cloaked messages to certain prisoners through my show. Hidden messages. The funny thing is, I don't speak Finnish, so unless I'm weaving magical phrases to people in Finland it's bullshit.

I have a great affinity for Finland, and I have a great respect for how men conduct themselves over there. They have an old school mentality, which I admire in them. The fact they see how American crime works, and take it back a few decades in their approach is something to behold and watch close. This is a lot of the reason why, you are not seeing massive sweeping indictments in areas like Germany and Finland. They are keeping it close to the vest, and I think ultimately, they control by fear and violence, and that's how organized crime works.

For informants, I might suggest taking Europe off your little rat tour. It might not be good for your health. Europeans have a sense of diligence when it comes to old world views and standards and your bullshit that works here, will NOT work over there. I believe one mutt found that out twice the hard way. At least other countries stand up to the rats and make their presence known, because over here, it seems like we've forgotten out own standards.

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