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In perhaps one of the most revolting things I have ever seen, mob rat, drug peddler, and borderline serial killer Salvatore Gravano has been ducking the murder of Alan Kasier for 30 plus years until yesterday.

For over 30 years the Kasier family has wondered why their brother, son, and uncle was killed at age 17 when he was minding his own business walking home on his birthday. I do not want to get into the gruesome facts surrounding this murder, but Salvatore Gravano along with Louie Milito(whom Gravano would kill years later) gunned down an innocent kid walking home and left on the side of the road like trash. It was a revenge murder as a result of Gravano getting beat up. Alan, who was walking home, was lured over to the car by Louie Milito then shot with a shotgun in the face. It was alleged mistaken identity, but to get that close to a victim, to shoot them at point blank range, surely they had to see his face. The Kasier family wasn't informed about Gravano murdering Kaiser until a decade after Alan was gone and Gravano had become a snitch. The FBI looked past the murder, in one of the more disgusting "forgiveness to the shooter" agreements I have ever seen. Gravano over the years has avoided that topic, avoided the questions until yesterday.

Gravano yesterday, looking like a burn victim in the video, as his lizard-like skin begins to sag over his rotten bones, spoke about that murder. The funny thing is, he lied throughout the entire video. If that video proved anything, it's that Gravano is a serial killer, who had no problem killing a kid. In fact, he blamed the victim in the murder and accepted no culpability. He blamed the family, accusing them of listening to "THE GOTTI'S version of events which led them to hate him." As if, anyone telling another version of event could keep them from loathing the very scum that killed a seventeen year old on the side of the road. Nevermind that Gravano has told three very very different stories. He has what he told the FBI who told the family what happened. Then there is his laughable version which was contained in his book Underboss, written by Peter Maas. Then there is the version he told yesterday. Each story is different, so he's either getting forgetful or he's trying to make it sound more palatable for his nutt job followers. Those followers by the way love what he did, and it's disgusting. As a man, I find it repulsive you would allow followers to commend you on killing an innocent kid, which shows your "honor, loyalty and respect." You are fucking trash.

I watched this shit show, and there is no other words for it, where he lied about how the murder went down, lied about who shot Alan, then tried to turn it around by saying "The kid committed suicide, he ran at us when we started firing, so he committed suicide, who runs towards a gun?" The first thing is, that event didn't happen. They rode up on Alan who was walking home, and coaxed him to the car, where Gravano jumped up from the back seat and shot Kaiser in the face. That's why Gravano admitted to that murder, but in the video he tries to blame Louie Milito for the murder. Additionally, to shoot someone on the side of the road, after coaxing them to the car, means you got a good look. It means Gravano just killed an innocent kid for no other reason than to do it. It's been a large part of Gravano's life, just killing whomever he wanted. He lied about Robert DiBernardo to John Gotti, he lied about Louie Milito, both would be killed and Gravano stole their businesses. That was Gravano's m.o. Steal everything, and kill and lie to do it. This is the same creature who killed his own brother in law after he got scared that people would find out he was having an alleged sexual relationship with him.

In the video he calls the kid a "drug addict , a junkie." Well, what is repulsive about that is, he didn't know Alan. Never met him. Alan was not a drug addict or junkie. How does he know that? He doesn't. He also boldly claims Castellano knew about it and didn't care. That's absurd, and a bold faced lie. He would have been killed if Castellano knew Gravano shot and killed a kid. Remember Gravano was an average guy in the mob until Gotti became boss. It was only as a result of the murder of Frankie DeCicco that Gravano got any weight in the streets. Gravano then in some weird diatribe, more or less blames the kid for getting killed, and in a psychotic twist accused the Gotti family of selling a narrative to the Kasier family over the years twisting the facts because they have an axe to grind against Gravano. I can speak from personal knowledge the Kasier family didn't know the Gotti's years and years ago. It doesn't matter who spins what narrative or what story, the mere fact is, Gravano killed an innocent kid and does his best to say it was warranted. He feels nothing for the family, or the victim. The mere fact he blames them, shows you what a coward, and a psychopath he truly is. The fact is, the version of the events that took place were told to the family by the FBI. So it's you lizard face, who is lying. To further prove he's a bottom dweller, he asked people to go to his Paetron account and donate money. Donate money off the death of an innocent kid? Do you expect anything less from this vile piece of shit?

In the end, he can lie, and sway his revolting followers in any direction he wants. I know what he did, everyone else knows what he did, and it's a shame that his followers are so weak minded and pathetic. As if Gravano clearing up his version of events somehow makes it more palatable that he killed an innocent kid. He can lie to make himself feel better, but the damage his actions did to that family, are just inexcusable. To even go online and gloat about that murder, to blame it on the victim, is like ripping back open the wound to the family, and that...beyond everything said, is the most disgusting part of who he is or ever will be. He's a rat, a snitch, a child murderer, a drug dealer, and a loser. He can rest his cap on his bedpost at night, thinking he's some Al Capone, but in reality, he's a bottom feeding nobody, who without John Gotti, never would have been recognized by anyone, never would amounted to anything but what he is. Liar, Coward, Rat, Drug Dealing, pile of shit.

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