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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If you sit around long enough, you will hear it all. Let's be honest, Philadelphia has become quite the topic these days among the mob rats, because that's a current hot topic. The problem is, none of these informants, at least whom are out publicly had anything to do with Philadelphia ever. Recently, a podcast was produced in which an informant made wild claims that he "got the contract on Joey Merlino(alleged boss of the Philadelphia mafia) was offered parking venues in return for it, and also made wild claims that he was "friends" with Merlino and a host of others. While anyone can make those claims, we have to really look into those claims, and frankly they are laughable as it gets.

For starters, number one, the time period that this informant discusses doesn't add up because at the time of the alleged hangout, Merlino was serving time in federal prison. That's number one. Number two, he mentions the name of a nightclub, but the issue with that, is that also in the time period this nightclub was around, was also the time that Joey Merlino was serving time in federal prison. It gets better...

This informant, who brings up the name of Anthony Persiano, whom I was told hung out with Persiano as recently as a few months back, and also in the 90's, claims that Persiano wanted to have Joey Merlino killed. What's laughable there, is that Persiano to my knowledge was in the Jersey wing of the Lucchese crime family at that time, and didn't have any power to facilitate that sort of move. Besides, this informant had been chased out of the Gambino crime family, chased out of Queens, and any sort of idea that he was infiltrating Philadelphia isn't true. In fact, this informant was chased out of New Jersey, which is why he ended up down in Florida to begin with. The idea, that a fringe associate had so much juice that he could mix with capos from a crime family opposite of his, especially after he got chased, is perhaps the most audacious, delusional lie, I have ever heard in my life(nobody in Philadelphia ever heard of this guy until he became a cooperator versus a former Gambino crime family member.

He mentioned that he was offered control of parking destinations in Atlantic City and mentioned a few names. I know people who were around back then, and the name used in some of these venues was "DALE". Problem is, all the places mentioned, "DALE" is not who owned them or ran them. In fact, "The Barber" owned them, not "DALE." So his story there is a complete fabrication. He pushed further into Pinocchio land, when he mentioned that he knew Nicky Scarfo. Not true. Then he laughably says "Yeah after Scarfo, Joey took over." Does he even know mob history? In all actuality after Nicodemo Scarfo went away, John Stanfa was sent down from New York to exert control, and it didn't end well for Stanfa as the mob broke into two factions and went to war. I mean, if you're a mobster, you'd have to know that right? Another lie. He doesn't even know the history of Philadelphia mafia. I find it also amusing that his parking lot "scheme" wasn't mentioned once in a tell all book. Don't you think that would have been a good counter point?

The reality is, he's lying. Not just telling a lie, but a huge huge lie. He never ever met Joey Merlino, was never around a single member of the Philadelphia mafia. He never was a handed or offered a parking lot, was never asked to kill Joey Merlino. Why the fuck would the Philadelphia mafia need this bum, when Stanfa was hell bent on attempting to kill Merlino himself. They need him? LAUGHABLE. I have heard some monster lies out of all informants, but the this one, is the most hilarious to me. This is the same rodent, who about a year ago tried to insert himself with the organized crime task force, trying to put guys down in Philadelphia into a murder conspiracy. He was laughed out of the office. Be careful the bullshit you ingest, and be weary of those who attempt to insert themselves into every single historical event of organized crime. All you have to do is listen close. The stories change every week, as does the cast.

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