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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Often, it's the same old story. Street guys allow someone too close, and when that person takes a pinch.

There are those, lest be said, who stand up in the face of the FBI and refuse to cooperate. These are men among men. There is an old school saying that the "streets will bleed the streets," and all that means is, in perhaps a less grotesque way is that you go into the streets one way, and you go out of the streets one way. I don't the mafia's predecessors felt that ratting would be the way in which so many would end up going, but this is no longer 1954.

The FBI has made it entirely too easy for informants to spill their guts, and just play elementary school tattle tale for a salary, a new identity and forgiveness for their crimes. Often times these informants, continue to break the law, before, during and after. The FBI knows this, but many times their actions are justified by some sort of false moral ambiguity that getting the target is much more valuable then holding the cooperator in check. I could name forty or so informants, who have repeatedly violated agreements and rules, and never been charged again, more or less being able to continue down the path that got them there from the start.

Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravano is one example of what informants do. Gravano essentially got excused from 19 murders including the murder of a child, in return for testifying against John Gotti, former boss of the Gambino crime family. Gravano spent five years lamenting about his life, got out, and almost immediately began a criminal gang of misfits who would eventually get caught selling ecstacy in Arizona. Gravano would then get hammered again and serve almost 20 years. It's nothing knew.

John "Jr" Rubeo, is also cut of the same cloth of Gravano, except, Rubeo was never exactly a mobster, but more of a hanger on. To my knowledge Rubeo was never even considered an associate at the mob level, but more of a guy desperately attempting to budge his way into the mafia. What we know about Rubeo, is that prior to his informant status against alleged Philadelphia mob boss Joey Merlino, is that Rubeo had been caught selling drugs. It was the FBI who asked Rubeo to attempt to go down to Florida and get Merlino involved in some sort of criminal activity, which Rubeo agreed to do, for a huge sentence reduction. While Rubeo did his best, he also did some things that caused many people to take issue with, not excluding the judge overseeing the case or the prosecutors in the case. Not only did Rubeo repeatedly get caught lying on the stand, but was even attempted to blackmail the prosecutors in the case, not to mention broke about every single agreement he every agreed to. It wasn't just Rubeo's behavior that was obscene, but if was the fact that the FBI allowed it to happen. Two supervisors in the Rubeo case were either suspended or admonished severely for not following protocols. Things such as Rubeo breaking the law under their watch. Rubeo admitted to assaulting someone under the protection of the FBI owed him money. Rubeo admitted to beating his wife, which was against his agreement. Rubeo factory reset his phone and purposely destroyed evidence in the case. He admitted to breaking an entering a doctors home to steal $30,000 dollars, while under the FBI's watch. He admitted the FBI paid him over $500,000 dollars, not to mention he received 10% of the properties taken from the defendants in the case. This is what the FBI allows, and not Rubeo finds himself preparing to get sentenced Jan. 19, 2021 for more violations against his agreement and even brazenly admitting he framed a codefendant.

This is the ilk the government hires. Anthony Persiano is no different. Anthony Persiano is widely believed to be one of the informants in the indictment dropped by the FBI, weeks ago. Persiano is allegedly a former made member of the Philadelphia mafia. Anthony Persiano was also the informant in the case versus Joseph Servidio beginning back in 2018, and it appears now, that Persiano once again provided information about the Philadelphia mafia in return for a light sentence. What is strange about this case, is that Persiano, provided information against others beyond Joe Servidio in 2018, but charges were never brought against any of the newly named defendants in the case with the exception of Joe Servidio who is currently I believe in prison for the past conviction and serving 12 years.

While I would love to tell you Persiano is different then all the rest, I can't. Persiano's past is probably more egregious that Rubeo's, which is astounding to me. What are the facts? Anthony Persiano for one has a checkered criminal history, which include robbery, assault, fraud, third-degree murder, contempt of court, just to name a few. Persiano who was arrested for third-degree murder within a few hours gave himself up to police interrogation, but because there is a law about how much time can be allotted between arrest and interrogation Persiano was able to weasel his way out of that on appeal. Persiano would be arrested sometime in 2015, and would become a cooperator for the federal government. He was arrested and charged for two counts of wire fraud and mail fraud. Persiano was operating a company based out of New Jersey called Code Red Fire Water Restoration LLC. It was essentially a front for fraud. While his crimes are noted, there is something entirely more important to discuss. Persiano, when he first attracted the ears of the FBI, they wanted to bring him in because he could offer them the right information they were seeking.

Agent Mark Hindle who brought in Persiano to sit and talk, was told by his supervisor that he didn't believe any stories that Persiano was telling, specifically that of the breaking and entering and pawn shop robbery that Persiano had been caught for. You'll notice up above I didn't mention that because Persiano was never ever charged with that crime. The supervisor didn't believe that Persiano was being "truthful" about his part or the events that took place during that robbery. While the supervisor didn't have a lot of say he did voice his opinion. It meant Persiano wasn't believed from day one. The FBI would sign up Persiano who would begin cooperating and taping people non stop at least until 2018 until Servidio got pinched.

The issue is, is that while Persiano was working for the FBI, he not only was garnering a paycheck, but was allowed to continue committing fraud. The two counts against Persiano only include fraud from 2014-2015. Meanwhile in 2016 Persiano was still continuing to commit fraud. It's estimated by the FBI that Persiano stole $174,000 dollars between November 3, 2014 and November 13. 2014. Persiano, in 2015 was still defrauding people, and the FBI knew it, and this was after his signed his agreement with the FBI. The Pennsylvania State Police had received complaints against Persiano, and forwarded the information to the FBI Newark Division who investigated then for whatever reason dropped the charges. Even thought the FBI has noted that those events took place well after his agreement date, they failed to charge Persiano with a dozen or so other fraud cases as a result of his agreement. As well, a part of his agreement was to pay fines, fees and restitution to those he defrauded. He hasn't. He hasn't paid a single dime, yet those he defrauded who were contacting by the FBI were told they could meet with the FBI but could not have legal representation there. One such victim told me verbatim that he robbed her of $100,000 dollars and when she attempted to discuss with the FBI the matter at hand, she was told they would meet but refused to let her bring an attorney. Since then she has not heard anything about the money Persiano stole. Other victims have told me they have been forced to file civil litigation against Persiano but because of his informant status, nobody can seem to find where to deliver the paperwork to.

Not only has Persiano ripped off dozens, but has collected protection and paychecks from the FBI, not having any of those funds redistributed to those he stole from. He has purchased a restaurant in New Jersey, which he has been allowed to collect a paycheck from, he has purchased multiple cars, and homes. We can only assume that Persiano is also collecting a pretty hefty paycheck from the FBI as well.

As far as the indictment in Philadelphia goes, we do know that Persiano has provided information to the FBI about this new case. While he is likely NOT the sole cooperator in that case, the one thing we have to understand and accept, is that Persiano just based on the facts stated from not only the FBI, but from court documents, Persiano has never really been credible or honest from day one since his cooperation agreement began. If we accept that, which isn't hard to due then how can we deduct what's fact and fiction? The answer is simple. You can't. Lie once, lie always. In just sampling parts of the indictment not only from the 2018 indictment of Joe Servidio, but from the indictment in South Philadelphia, it's been stated a dozen or so times that Persiano gave information without corroborating evidence via tapes. It means word of mouth. He was taken at his word. How can anyone justify that, especially since, that doesn't make it fact but total hersay?

There is a lot about the Philadelphia indictment that stinks. Both indictments sort of bridge one another as a cross sampling of players, meaning those they didn't indict in 2018 are now being served. It's strange considering it's the same information contained in both indictments essentially just with different moving parts. It didn't make sense in 2018 and surely doesn't now. They could have indicted a few in 2018 but chose not to, which we can largely assume is because it was a soft case and they wanted more dynamite to add to the keg. The Philadelphia indictment will be and should be highly securitized, just based on the fact that WE KNOW one of the cooperators is Anthony Persiano. It's been alleged that Persiano will not be sequestered to testify, because of his own dark, seedy, past. I don't agree with that summation because you cannot used the words of a rat, and not give the defendant a chance to impugn their star puke inducing pupil. Rather the contrary, the defense should be allowed to hammer away especially considering the violations and curtailing blind eye the FBI turned when it came to Persiano. If there is any justice, a lawyer will use that not only against the FBI but the informant as well. It may not level the playing field but at least it's calling a spade a spade.

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