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Lots of changes are coming to MOB TALK RADIO. One of the things we have been trying to do over here, is to bring you the coolest mob genre swag ever. It's been a long process. Currently we have Canvas art for sale, which has been a huge success. One thing we have tried to achieve is a brand about the streets, a brand that represents the genre. A lot of people can make mercy, but very few have straight mob genre stuff.

For a few months now, we have been busy designing shirts, that stand out among the crowd of mob genre stuff. Collectors are always looking for something flashy, and something that represents the genre that's affordable. Our clothing line, which will consist of t-shirts, coffee mugs and hoodies will launch in a few weeks. Our line is called BABA BRAND LTD, and will start slow by releasing a few different designs from you to choose from. Top quality and affordable. Too many people are selling things where the quality is low, and sell for the price of a concert ticket in the nosebleeds. We are always adding new exclusive pieces of canvas art(click on artwork for photos) weekly.

We also are happy to announce, we have exclusive painted artwork pieces that will be coming to MOB TALK RADIO in the next few weeks. All artwork is hand painted and made to order by our artist. All paintings will be made to order, and customized and tailored to what the buyer wants. With the Canvas artwork we are limited to two dozen designs or so, but with this new Artwork, we aren't as limited. We have reached an agreement with the artist that retains all artwork exclusive to MOB TALK RADIO.

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