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Monday night, another mob legend passed away. Andrew "Mush " Russo, alleged head of the Colombo crime family, who last year was indicted in a sweeping racketeering case, has passed away according to his attorney. Russo, along with others were arrested in connection with controlling labor unions, that went back some 30 years. Russo, 87, was released on $10 million dollar bond.

By all accounts Mush was in ill health prior to the indictment. Russo according to the feds has a storied history of involvement into organized crime. In the 1970's Russo was alleged to be a part of the hierarchy of the crime family before being indicted and convicted in 1986 along with his cousin Carmine "the snake" Persico. According to the feds, it was Russo who was promoted by Persico in 1994 to the role of Underboss. It's alleged in 2010 he took the reigns officially as the boss of the Colombo crime family, but a year later was jailed on other crimes, but continued to act as the boss from behind the wall.

Russo, was The Godfather of Scott Caan, son of famed Godfather actor James Caan. James Clan's lifelong friendship with Russo is something that has been noted over the last few decades. James Caan, who was a childhood friend of Russo, showed up at his trial in 1986 in support of Russo, and always claimed that Russo was a family man, not a criminal. Considered a member of the old guard, he was truly respected, and beloved in many circles.

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