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NY, NJ, Ports Controlled by Mob, Norfolk, Virginia Was Once As Well.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

In a Waterfront Commission report that is due out in the next few weeks, will likely detail what the ports of New York and New Jersey already know. The mob, still controls the ports. The mob still owns the ILA. It's been a long subverted common knowledge that the mafia's influence in the ports has never been depleted, but the Waterfront commission has been burying the information in reports for years. According to early versions of the report, in 2013, the mob was steering lucrative contracts to the mob, and then extended to their friends and family, in the form of high end salaries and no show jobs. The ILA (International Longshoresman Association) excluded women and African Americans. The ILA issued a statement calling the allegations of mob control, "baseless and untrue."

The Waterfront Commission(formed in 1953) has wide jurisdiction over the region’s ports in New York and New Jersey, which stretch from Newark, Elizabeth, and Bayonne In New Jersey to Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York. The Agency directly oversees who gets hired and not, background checks included. They are directly responsible for who gets on the docks and who doesn't. In a stunning report, the commission has stated that one in five applicants referred by the ILA were not hirable due to organized crime ties. The commission has said that many were given no show job and oversized salaries, some 20 people were paid over $450,000 a year, and some didn't even punch a clock. As the long range reports are released, it's going to be interesting to see what details they do provide.

What perhaps is most surprising, at least to me, is the total control they do actually still have. The days of Anastasia, Gambino, and Gotti are over. For close to 35 years Carlo Gambino controlled every aspect of the docks, and not just in Brooklyn. He largely controlled the entire eastern seaboard, and could without hesitation push a button and have the entire port system shut down. One of the earliest, signs, was back in the 1960's. Gary Boyd, 85, former head of the Longshoreman's Union(and Head of the Ports) in Norfolk, Virginia, told me that everything was on lock down from Gambino. If there was a ship that contained nefarious things, there would be people put in place to ensure the safety of that container.

The ships manifestos would be changed to cheese, olives, pasta. Meanwhile, whatever was inside, was "none of his fucking business." Boyd was the head of the port for close to 25 years. Boyd, whom I have known for a long time told me via a phone call that while he never met Carlo, he met several of his cousins, and that they were straight leg breakers. "They would not hesitate to send greaseballs here to express discontent. If anyone on the docks dared steal a thing, they would be taken on a boat out into the Atlantic, and introduced to Tiger sharks really quick. You just didn't fuck around. The guy controlled everything. He might have been a tiny little fella, but believe me that was one guy, you just didn't want agitated for any reason." He also verified that the unions were completely corrupt, and always had been.

He would tell me that once Paul Castellano, who he called Mudpuppy, which was a reference to the ugly looking fish caught of the shores of Virginia, took over, everything on the docks changed. "That guy didn't have the acumen for the business like his cousin. He took over and wanted this and that, and the port was changing, and we tried to explain how the business operates, but he didn't wanna hear it. Gambino never did anything reckless, he always considered we had families and jobs, but his asshole cousin, didn't give a fuck. Next thing I know, we've got inspectors looking into everything. That guy was about greed, nothing else. He got what was coming to him though."

The mob has always controlled facets of the docks through unions, and have since day one. If we go back to WW2, the United States knew that Lucky Luciano had control as well as Anastasia over the docks, and they appealed to the mob for help. The government was afraid that Nazi's would somehow sneak in, or bomb the ports, which at the time were also shipbuilding, and didn't want that to happen under any circumstances, as the Nazi's were already use submarines to view American seaports. The United States would offer Luciano a deal. Luciano was serving a long sentence for prostitution. If Luciano promised to protect the docks at all costs, they would in return let him out of prison. That's what happened. So the idea that the docs haven't been controlled since time began is a misnomer, but even I was surprised how much control they still exert today. Its always been through the unions, and will continue to be the case. That's why the ILA is one of the most powerful unions. It's not the size of the union, it's those who control it.

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