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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

As they say, word on the street is word on the street. There seems to be an argument in Philadelphia. That argument? Simple. The government alleges that Jerry Capeci somehow surreptitiously outed Anthony Persiano as a cooperator. The problem is, that's been a public fact for a long time. How anyone from the federal government can claim that Capeci somehow unveiled the mask is completely and utterly laughable. In fact the government seems to be using that to get what they want, and they got what they wanted in a protective order.

I have covered Persiano, George Anastasia covered him, other bloggers, journalists have as well. This all PRE-DATES this indictment, so the idea that somehow I, or others, or Capeci dropped the nuke on Persiano is absolutely 1. NOT TRUE, 2. AN EASY EXCUSE FOR THE GOVT. The courts have blamed people for sourcing information to Capeci, but the truth is, this was PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Anyone with a pacer account and dig up the guys crimes, including his proffer, and his agreement with the government. So how is that NOT public knowledge?

I think of all those involved, I am the ONLY one who covered Persiano extensively. I'm the only one whose PRO DEFENDANT, not PRO-FED. These PRO-FED "journalists," such as Dave Schratwieser posted a photo of a SEALED INDICTMENT on Instagram. The photo was a copy of the front page of the indictment, which at that point had NOT BEEEN UNSEALED. So where some may argue that it's apples and oranges, the truth is, if you are PRO-FED, the feds will feed you, and if your PRO-DEFENDANT, the feds will come after you. Such was the case as we have discussed in the Philip Narducci case. If I cannot access those documents, then why can George Anastasia and others? This point leads to to another point.

If the feds are going to use Capeci as the whipping post, I get it, but Jerry has consistently over the years gotten his paperwork directly from the agents and prosecutors. It's a business deal. He gives them good press in return for assaulting defendants in his pay for play website. He rarely, has an opinion other than pro fed. He rarely gets the complete truth out, rather likes to make it more salacious then anything. I know, because I was a target, like others of a very very ill informed and lie filled article, which he amended after he was told he would be sued for knowingly bending the truth to fit his narrative.

But that's not the point. The point is, Anthony Persiano is a snitch, a stool pigeon, a rat, a scumbag, a cooperator. It doesn't matter the terminology you use, THAT'S WHAT HE IS, and HE IS JUST ONE OF THE COOPERATORS IN THIS PHILADELPHIA CASE. Persiano, not only committed crimes, but he also did it with the FULL BACKING OF THE FBI. All you have to do is ask why the Newark Division, who had many complaints on Persiano ripping people off, just let go of the case. Perhaps there wasn't evidence? Perhaps not enough? Nope. It was because Persiano was an informant, and they valued his LIES more than they valued the people who he ripped off.

People he scammed, people he ripped off, have NEVER GOT A DIME BACK. He took their life savings, with the full backing of the FBI. This is a catch and release sort of thing. Why don't we ask the FEDS why Persiano has been seen in New Jersey with another informant. That said informant was allegedly at one point sleeping with Persiano's sister. How about how Persiano has been close to a former Gambino mob rat since the 90's? Why is everyone seeing them together even as recently as a few years back? I thought informants couldn't hang out together? I thought it was against some sort of rules. Wait. Rules? Right, as if the FBI has rules for it's vile of puke. They don't.

After Persiano was arrested and decided to play ball for the feds, he still kept committing wire fraud, money fraud, check cashing fraud and more. Ask yourself how the hell Persiano who by all accounts already was a rat at least in October of 2015, and we know this thanks to the prosecution who have said they an informant recorded a making ceremony in October of 2015, and everyone knows that the informant in the case is Anthony Persiano. What makes this interesting is that in COUNT TWO of Persiano's MAIL FRAUD he was accused of owning and operating CODE RED FIRE AND WATER RESORATION, LLC(CODE RED) ALSO CALLED ASSSURED. The company was a fire and water damage restoration business that was operating in 2014-2015. He also schemed to DEFRAUD Jan 2014-2015.

According to his paperwork "In or about December 2015(which is after the alleged taping of a making ceremony in October of 2015) Persiano attempted to execute the scheme and artifact to defraud. He "knowingly cause to be sent and delivered by the United States Postal Service, certain mail matter, namely, a check in the amount of $22,124.33 from Victim Company 2 to Code Red Fire Water Restoration which was deposited by Persiano into the Code Red Fire Water Resortation LLC bank account at Wells Fargo Bank in New Jersey, on JANUARY 5, 2016. If we use the dates that have been entered into previous evidence, then this means that PERSIANO, IN FACT, did scheme, and commit crimes while under "contract," as a cooperator with the FBI. You cannot dispute those facts. This is their facts, not mine.

Going by the feds dates, from the Philly indictment, and Persiano being the one who audio taped the "induction ceremony," in OCTOBER of 2015, was already an informant, and was also committing crimes, if we believe the dates to be accurate, which the government says they are otherwise they wouldn't have entered them into the indictment, then that shows you how the FBI double deals. They allowed him to COMMIT CRIMES WHILE UNDER THEIR SUPERVISION. But let's go further....

Persiano ripped of a ton of people. To date, Persiano had not had to pay anyone back, he has been able to maintain a restaurant, has purchased cars, has been seen frequenting establishments with another notable informant, and has not paid a single dime, back to the government for his restitution.

He was not only paid by the FBI, is still actively being paid by them, and the Newark Division dropped a few cases against him. Those that Persiano has ripped off are left to fend for themselves. In a particular case, Persiano ripped off a women who suffers from health problems in the tune of $125,000 plus. She gave him her life savings. Before you ask, this money was given to him on June 7, 2016, way over a year after he was a government informant. It means he did this while under the watch and support of the FBI. In fact, Persiano promised to pay back the $125,000 within "FOUR MONTHS." He never did. When this woman contacted the FBI, because she wanted her money back, the FBI was willing to meet with her. She was a little leary of the situation, and asked if she could bring an attorney with her, and was told "NO." The FBI then, allegedly harassed her, scaring her about the entire situation. Still to this day, she has not gotten a single dime, neither has anyone else, and they are forced to file civil litigation over the matter, but how do you sue a guy whose protected and hidden by the FBI? You can't.

The bottom line is, the FBI has protected this pig, allowed him to break the law while under their protection, paid him, allowed him to get paid, to scheme to defraud, and somehow the government wants to make a beef out of people knowing he's a rat? Nope. The beef isn't that, it's that they don't want the public knowing that they very slime they employ do this crap non stop, and if you can character assassinate anyone, it would be Persiano. It should be Persiano, and why the government can't seem to do internet research to see when people were outing this guy, or who was talking about this guy, it's pathetic. The worst position they can be in, is about 20 minutes after this article goes public. So be it.

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