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While all the journalists jumped on the story, very few of them did the bare minimum to understand the document that was entered into the compassionate release hearings of Victor Orena. Larry McShane, was the first to "break the news," but McShane over the years hasn't done his due diligence, and in this case, once again failed on every single level to explain the paperwork, and didn't even bother to push forth categorical proof that Carmine "The Snake" Persico was an informant. In fact, Perisco isn't an informant. This is a cheap smear campaign for those attempting to release a senile, elderly mobster, who has blamed everyone for his arrest over the years. There isn't much accountability from Orena, there never has been. While I can certainly understand his anger at Greg Scarpa and Lin DeVecchio, I think his attorney attempting to sully the reputation of Carmine Persico is pretty revolting.

I knew Carmine Persico. When I say I knew him, we talked an awful lot while he was in prison. He was a smart, gentle, highly intelligent man, who never ever complained once about his situation, and always instructed me, to live a good life, enjoy life, and always stay away from the streets. This is not the animal the feds want you to believe. I knew him enough, to know, he would never EVER rat, or give information about anyone. Journalists, pod-casters are labeling Persico a rat, without investigating the paperwork or doing the bare minimum, and it's disgusting. McShane knows better, but took the lazy approach, and couldn't care less the defamation going on, and he should be ashamed of himself.

I looked into the documents, and there is NO PROOF. Most people don't understand court documents, and lack the integrity to look into it. Thankfully Justice Tech Pro's did, and proves what I, and so many knew all along, it's bullshit. The one thing I noticed was Carmine's name, but his number matches Greg Scarpa's CI number. As Justice Tech Pro explains "On the left it the names the government was investigating, on the right is the CI number corresponding to that information. The numbers match, and it means that Greg Scarpa was giving up information, not Persico. Also, I researched the number, case index, it all comes back to Scarpa. I see a document which on the left houses the men being investigated, and on the right the informants corresponding to that information."

As I said all along, Persico was never a rat, he couldn't be. There was nothing about him that would ever make me believe that. He was a man's man, through and through. Just on the simple guise of it all, Persico wouldn't have died in jail, like he did, had he been an informant. Journalists have brought up lesser sentencing for his son, and they try to lop that into some sort way Persico made a deal. Not true. This document proves nothing, and shows a path of the men the government was investigating, and shame on the reporters and the journalist and podcasters who didn't bother to research anything. You are sullying a man's reputation on a document that makes zero sense. It's an attempted and an ill formed attempt at Orena's lawyers to get Orena out of jail. It's a disgusting narrative.

Please visit Justice Tech Pro's Youtube channel, and listen to what he says. I am very thankful for him, because everything I was saying to reporters, was falling on deaf ears, maybe now they will listen up and amend the nonsense they are spewing. It's a shame, because the Persico's don't deserve this.

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