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Willie Sutton infamous bank robber, who was beloved despite his abilities to rob banks was loved in Philadelphia, New York City, and was beloved by the Italian mafia. Mobsters called Willie their friend, and for good reason. Willie was a likable guy, and never used violence to get his way. In fact, once Willie was asked if he ever carried a loaded gun into a bank to rob it, and his response was "no. I never ever take a loaded gun into a bank, I don't want to hurt anyone, and if it went off accidentally and hurt anyone I couldn't live with myself." While that may not be your standard bank robber, it's just the way Willie did business. Willie was known as a "gentlemen" in the streets and in prison. He was the guy in prison who would help anyone. You needed new boots, go see Willie. You need food? You need new bedding? You need help? Willie was your man. It wasn't just for men like Willie but all walks of life in prison. He was just that guy, and the Italian mob specifically loved him for it.

In February of 1947 Sutton was doing time at the infamous Eastern State Penn in Philadelphia. Willie had enough and he and 11 others prisoners escaped. They waited till it got dark, placed ladders on the wall and the rest is history. Willie would become one of the FBI's most wanted men. Willie would head back towards New York. Willie was on the subway, when a public busy body named Arnold Shuster recognized Sutton. Believing he was a public detective, followed Sutton off the train platform, and onto the street. He then followed Eddie onto a bus. He followed Eddie till he got off at a stop. Shuster then got off and ran right to the police telling them he had seen Sutton. Within two weeks Sutton would be arrested while working on a car outside a garage. Shuster had ratted Sutton out. Shuster wanted public accolades and got it in the form of a massive amount of newspaper articles. That was his first mistake. His second mistake was going on national television to brag about his "public service." The problem with doing that, was that Albert Anastasia who knew Willie well, saw Shuster on television. He ordered that Shuster be killed immediately. Within days Shuster was coming out of his house, and was shot several times and killed and left on the street. Justice in terms of the streets prevailed. Shuster got what was coming to him....which brings us to today.

It's become the trend for these mob rats to talk all over Youtube, spewing their lies, meanwhile still taking a government check from the FEDS. Two of them, Gene Borrello and John Rubeo have both gotten in big trouble over their podcast desires. Rubeo got lucky and just got more probation time, but Borrello got sent back to prison. Then what does Gene do? Comes right out, making threats again, calling out women he knows for being involved in gang bangs, and brags of the violence(home invasions) he committed, and even explains how he still walks the streets in Howard Beach, New York and isn't "afraid of anyone," despite a video showing him running for his life when approached by those in his old haunts who don't want him there. Another rat who I won't mention spews less insanity, but is still out there lying, and reports are coming back to me that associates in the mafia and some made guys are actually being cordial to the guy in Atlantic City, Marlton, Cherry Hill, Hammonton and the New Jersey area. At one point he was at an Italian parade in Hammond, New Jersey and was seen cavorting with made guys and associates of two crime families. SAY WHAT?

Multiple people have told me, that this informant doesn't hesitate to go wherever he wants, and there are some street guys who say hello, shake a hand and keep moving. Some have even been said to talk openly with him. What the hell is this world coming too? When did the mafia begin to begin to accept rats into the fold? That's what wrong with the mafia. They should't be accepted into any neighborhood. In the old days, they had to move to Idaho. In the case of Borello, why was he allowed to run amok without anyone stepping up and taking him for a fishing/swimming trip? Why was he allowed to plunder his entire neighborhood? Where was the mafia then? They knew it, and they allowed him to do it. At some point, you have to cleanse the hood of these junkies. When I was a kid, if you had a problem in the neighborhood, there was one person you went and saw and it got handled. These days? Absent.

Now you got every single fringe rat and wannabe on Youtube lying and still frequenting the neighborhood. Why is this allowed? Where is the standards? Have we as a society become so complacent and pathetic that we just look the other way? If seen they should be clubbed, and tossed into a ditch and chased. When I think of any informant walking and talking with a made guy or associate from any other family, I wonder why they feel it's okay. Carlo Gambino, Vincent Gigante, John Gotti, Joey Merlino, Albert Anastasia, and I could name ten others who never under any circumstances would tolerate this. Listen, it's one thing if it's not worth clubbing or killing a known former informant, I get it. The problem, isn't that they aren't getting smashed, the problem is they don't fear the mob, and feel like they can come and go and thumb their noses at them, and that's the bigger problem. Society tolerates these scumbags. Guys historically have been killed in the streets for less than what these bums are up to. I will guarantee you this, they won't come on my block or street, because recently when I found out one was within two blocks of my house, I went looking. This is Genovese territory here, and I don't care what their stance is or isn't. You're not coming near this neighborhood. I won't tolerate it. My block, is clean. I don't let the junkies pop a squat and shoot on my street. I chase them, I'll let them know real quick whose block it is. It's not a tough guy routine, it's an old school value. I'm not letting little kids see that shit while walking to school. They wanna snort and shoot five blocks over, that's their business, but not on my block. It's not happening. So I ask, New York, where the fuck have you gone? Don't believe anything I'm saying, then come down to my street, and you'll see what I do. I clothe these pricks in the winter, and feed them. The ones that get stupid, learn really quick. They see me coming, and believe me, they get moving along.

It doesn't matter what I think, but you have to ask yourself, what happened to the standards here in New York? What happened to the code? I'd lay money this wouldn't happen in Philadelphia. I'm telling you, let one of these pukes go down to South Philly, and I guarantee you, you'll find their heads off 13th and their legs on 9th. I don't understand why the values disappeared. At one time, where I grew up, you didn't have drugs, you didn't have trash in the streets. If you dared, you'd get your head caved in and you'd never do it again. They used to take care of their own people, their own neighborhoods. Now? Forget about it. Honor is something that had slipped by the wayside in New York. The old school mentality is a rare value anymore. I just don't understand why it's tolerated, and if any of the vile things I'm hearing about this rat associating with made guys is true, they should go too.

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