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A former mechanic for Dante Sestito, learned the hard way. You just don't fuck with a man's business, especially if that man, is the alleged head of an N'drangheta clan. On Sunday, Dante Sestito, 70, was taken into custody after the mob style execution of Salvatore Silipo, 29 and a father of two. According to varying reports, Silipo was making off with several expensive tires(Dante Gomme tires) from a mechanic shop owned by Sestito in the Reggiano region(Cadelbosco di Sopra) of Northern Italy.

It is according to Italian authorities, that Sestito began to suspect that Silipo was behind the stolen tires, had enough and ordered that he be killed. According to the Italian authorities, Silipo was called to a meeting at the shop owned by Sestito. Those in attendance were there to settle the beef about the missing tires. Silipo possibly fearing the worst took a cousin with him to the meeting. Anthony Sestito, the son of Dante, at some point asked Silipo to bend down and grab something inside the tire shop, and when he did Sestito pulled out a 357 magnum and shot Silipo in the back of the head, killing him instantly. According to sources the mechanic shop has been under investigation for months for mob activity and a slew of other crimes. Later that evening after the murder, Sestito, 70, was arrested by the police. Silipo had been previously charged with narcotics trafficking a few years prior, and the authorities are looking deeper into that. Just goes to show, you mess around, and there are consequences.

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