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Where to begin with this one. It's almost amusing. For five years, somewhat famed author Scott Bernstein backed up a lot of things that Alan "Gunner" Lindbloom spewed. Gunner Lindbloom for years, has said he is related to the Tocco Crime Family. Turns out, that was all a lie, or was it? Is he related to the Tocco's? Yes. But according to DNA, and two dozen other outlets, including guys in Detroit, he is NOT RELATED, NOR EVER DID ANY WORK for the MOB in Detroit. It's been a narrative that Gunner Lindbloom has spun for at least 5 years now.

Early on, I never believed that Gunner was ever related to anyone, nor did I ever believe he did work for the mob. It smelled of bullshit from day one, and then I made calls to Detroit, and not a single mob guy, or fringe guy would back his bullshit up. They all said he was a fraud, having delusions. That led to Gunner laying threats all over the internet, towards me. What is true is this. Gunner is a tough guy, Gunner is a criminal, but his story has changed two dozen times. I was the first to call him out years ago, but left it alone because what's the point. If the guys wants to lie and embellish to sell a few books, what's the big deal? The problem is Scott Bernstein did co-sign Gunner many times.

It wasn't until recently, that Lee Cole III had Scott Bernstein on, where Berstein whose now allegedly involved in big Hollywood deals, is trying his best to draw a line in the sand when it comes to Gunner. It seems, that after Gunner was exposed by a dozen people or more, Scott went onto Lee's show to attempt to distance himself, and said "I've never co-signed on Gunners mob stories." The problem with that, is he has. Multiple times. According to Bernstein "guys in Detroit are mad, and taking it somewhat out on me." Well, no shit. You platformed Gunner, and you co-signed it in article form, interview form and more. You called him a "mob associate", "retired mob associate," former Detroit mob associate", "Former Detroit Wiseguy." So my question is, if you didn't co-sign what you call "delusions," why did you write a dozen articles calling Gunner that moniker if you knew it wasn't true? It's Scott sorta with the deer in the headlights look. He's running for cover. However, there is more to Scott not exactly being honest.

About a year ago, Scott wrote a lie filled article about a south Philadelphia mobster, who I won't name. He is a close friend of mine. Scott wrote an article that at the wedding of this guy's daughter, this mobster had the seats arranged by rank and city. The problem? This alleged mobsters daughter wasn't getting married and wasn't married. Scott apparently got fed a bullshit story, and ran with it. I did contact Scott, to inform him that he was in fact writing nothing but lies, because the event never took place, and rather than do his basic fact checking, he kept the lie filled story up. That's sorta Scott's problem, he doesn't really know anyone outside of Detroit, and from what I understand the guys in Detroit don't like him very much, as he was reporting where the upper echelon was meeting to discuss business(allegedly in an alley way). I heard from multiple sources, he's had more than one unfriendly encounter with mob guys in Detroit, and those I do know, either through my own friendships or through others, have told me they cannot stand Bernstein. That aside, personal feelings aside, Scott has written more than one article with zero to little factual basis in it, especially concerning Philadelphia. He believes that his two contacts there, well there is three, two being, Anastasia and Rattwiser. The 3rd I won't mention, because I know who it is, and it's someone who shouldn't' be spilling info on his friends, that I will never understand, but whatever.

The fact is, whether he liked it or not, co-signed Gunner, and has for 5 years, to the dismay of myself, and the mob itself, and dozens of others, and going on Lee Cole's show, and blatantly deflect is pretty funny to me. You co-signed it, own it. Now that you're sought after you want to drop the guy who you sorta brought into the fold, knowing he was full of shit. I just find the interview you did with Lee Cole, factually not accurate, like some of the things you do print, and if you're not being upfront about co-signing Gunner's stories, then can we believe anything you say? Nope.

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