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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

UPDATE: FEB.21, 2021, The Government was denied there motion, and from what I understand have been the process of handing over discovery.*

In my entire life, I have followed a lot of alleged mob cases. I have sat and listened to a jury be told about murders, drugs, and all of the cliche' alleged mob crimes. One thing I have never seen in my life, is a collection of federal prosecutors hell bent on refusing to hand over discovery in a case that began allegedly four years ago. You would think, they dragged their feet for four years on information, only to unveil an indictment, only to now sit on their hands. I've never seen this before in my life. I have never seen a collection of defendants sitting on their couches for two plus months not knowing what they are accused of, whose saying what, or being able to access alleged wiretaps. How the hell can you defend yourself if you don't know what to defend?

I have watched the back and forth between the prosecution and the defense attorneys, and still the government refuses to push anything their way without a protection order in place. They have used feat tactics, and delusional statements from the beginning as to why any defendant having a copy of discovery is "bad." The mere fact is, here in New York, specifically in the Southern District of New York, I've seen multiple mob cases in which more severe crimes than extortion and drugs, were named, and yet those defendants were given full access to discovery without any prohibitive nanny clause.

I discussed this matter with several notable attorneys in the Southern District of New York, and all were stunned that this is going on in a federal case. There are ranging opinions as to why this is going on, but they all said about the same thing. There is something else coming down the pike, and they are stalling to acquire more information from their informants, albeit new informants or old. The general consensus among defense attorneys here is that, the government only pulls this crap, when they are either unsure of their case, or, they are cultivating more information for some sort of superseding indictment.

For what it's worth, the mere fact the judge overseeing the case continues to deny this, deny that, it seems like every step forward is six steps back, and there is no movement. The prosecution in this case is stalling, stifling, and protecting it's rats. According to the government they have "made guys, civilians, associates, and some in prison or jail who are now cooperating with the government." That being said, so much for the argument of disseminating information. Kind of hard to lay the excuse of disseminating, when you're essentially giving clues to the masses. What I think is going on, is that, they are fully aware of the informants they are dealing with and not. There is no reason why after four years of investigating, why they don't have their ducks in a row, unless of course, they have gotten new information that is going to spread into another indictment or as we said superseding. Nobody holds it this close to the vest, and acts like the snotty ass rich kid at the party for no reason.

If they are saying that "made guys, civilians, associates, and those in prison and or in jail," are talking, then you have to ask yourself if this was ongoing for four years, surely they would be ready to go to trial. For some reason, they need 50 witnesses or whatever for a joke charge. It's overboard, and that's what sort of leads me down the path that something else is coming, otherwise they would be forthcoming without hesitation. This is not AL CAPONE. This is not CARLO GAMBINO. This is NOT THE COMMISSION TRIAL. It's an indictment, that's soft in a few ways, and bad in some others. Handing Joe Hammers a copy of a transcript isn't what "mob guys need," to prove this or that about whose talking. That's why their argument to me is bullshit on every level. They want so badly to claim that retribution will happen, meanwhile skip right over what low lives they have employed to bring charges. Anthony Persiano is atrocious on every level, and if that's who they've hinged their bets on, I feel bad for them. They are using the "fear tactic," because I believe there is something bigger down the road, and they want to ensure that if and when they launch that, that nobody sees it coming. Or they could be simply snotty rich kids, and throwing misdirection's.

In either case, it's pathetic of the government to act like this. Then again this is a group who allows former witnesses to not pay back government fines, they allow informants to commit crimes, they allow informants to harass and threaten people online, and continue to baby them. There is NO OVERSIGHT on informants. So why should I expect them to play fair. They don't. Meanwhile if an informant gets whacked, they will stop at nothing to solve that like Kojak. I don't think it's much to ask for information that can help you defend yourself. The crap they are doing is like taping a blindfold to someone and telling them to hit the ball when it comes. It's all guess work, and I think they should either force the court to get off it's ass and act, or file a dismissal. The government sitting there like little Lord Fauntleroy, wanting to have it's cake and eat it too, shows you exactly why Donald Trump wanted to dismantle the FBI and the justice department. They are corrupt. Always have been. Always will be.

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