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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If I had a vote, believe me, you know which way I'd vote immediately. Often people will say you cannot put a price on a human life, but I disagree. Informants aren't human. They are trash. They are cancer. They are the lowest form of breathing mammal on this planet, and should be killed and swiftly. The only thing less than a rat, is a pedophile, and not by much.

This has become the year of the rat, as they have overtaken social media, and the hilarious part to me is, nobody challenges them. Nobody points out facts. Instead people worship these guys as if they were Al Capone. In fact, most of these guys, were NEVER anyone in that life. People fawn all over them, but I'm telling you not a single one of these guys other than say Salvatore Gravano ever had any power or juice in the streets. NONE OF THEM.

They lie, they inflate, and try to make you think they are indeed guys who had some depth in the life. People just aren't bright and are so in love with what they think the mafia is or isn't, that they line up like suckers taking in everything they see and hear. Who the fuck wants a baseball bat signed by two losers who were never anything in the life? It's almost comical.

In the early days of Cosa Nostra, these pricks would have been killed. It's a shame what the mafia has become. When Albert Anastasia heard that Arnold Shuster, a fucking busy body who saw bank robber Willie Sutton on a train, then turned him in, and as a result Sutton was arrested, Anastasia had Shuster killed. You don't rat, you don't squeal. Can you imagine the aneurysm that Vito Genovese or Albert Anastasia would have if they saw how these guys freely lie, make up stories and insult everyone on a daily basis and nobody utters a word to them? Where is the justice? The ONLY justice for all off them is getting greased and put into a pit in the middle of the woods. They have no redeeming qualities, and I myself would cheer and hold a parade the second one of this piles of garbage gets rubbed out. I think the mafia had more power in the old days, or at least were willing to emphasize a point. If a guy doesn't fear retribution, if murder isn't used to make a point, then why complain when the rats run around running mouth game? Murder used to be an effective tool, now....

Society has made this filth acceptable. They have made rats heroes, they have made them valuable, but I ask a serious question. Why is it, none of these guys have paid a dime to the federal government, but are cashing checks from their podcasts? Why are they still getting a team fed "blowjob?" What I wouldn't give for a John Connolly to come out of the woodwork and help us rid this planet of these cowards. You control the streets through fear, and yes, I acknowledge that letting these rodents spew their lies, should be ignored, but the only thing that will get them off the internet, is to kill one of them. If one disappears they will think long and hard about running their mouths. The mere fact they are still committing crimes and threatening people on the daily, should get them a one way ticket to dismemberment avenue. That's the only justice.

Society had lost it's mind, it's scruples. In the old days, you did this sort of shit, you couldn't come back to your neighborhood. It was never something that would be accepted. These days I'm shocked the fucking Mayor doesn't give them the key to the city. We have lost our morals, scruples, and what used to be a moral obligation to rid ourselves of these vile pigs, has become a hometown parade. But, as much as I gripe, it's the FANS who keep them relevant. I laugh because on all these sites, these wannabes line up like rodents for the cheese and just preen and fawn over these guys. They talk tough on line, thinking and believing because one of these rats says hello to them that they somehow are tough guys. They aren't. These people give the rats hope. They give them money. They help propel their next scam, so in many ways, the people who support these pigs are just as responsible for this mess we see.

You have two types. You have the wannabes who think they know people, meanwhile they hang out with rats, like all the time, and they think they are in the mafia. Then you have those online who become the internet stormtrooper mafia. They are the ones who level the threats at the behest of the rats, like you slapped their grandmothers across the face with a stolen dick. This is a culture, which has been formed, mutated and extorted by the informants. It's almost fitting considering, that nobody of any worth, will hang out with them. My opinion doesn't matter, but it ends when these guys start turning up missing. That's the only way. One can dream right? This world, is not the same.

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