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In no way shape or form, am I defending Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, or the things he did. Bottom line will always be, that Casso was an informant, and therefore, as far as I am concerned he got what was coming to him. All that being said, there is something throughout the years, people fail to mention about Casso. Many of the deals that every single informant ever has signed, pretty much pays them for ratting. They get 10% kickback off the property, and money seized in a forfeiture, they get a new identity and often are paid in the six figures for their testimony. Gravano even got plastic surgery, not that it helped him one bit. He still resembles a lizard....

When Casso agreed to testify, the simple form would have been, he will get a sentence reduction, get paid for his testimony, do a few years in the can, and go about his merry life. The problem is, Casso began telling his handlers that Salvatore "Snake Face" Gravano was lying about some of the crimes he committed and omitted. Anytime an informant signs his cooperation deal, he must inform the FBI of all crimes, ongoing, past and present. You cannot leave the cookies on the back shelf and go get them later. The FBI who was hell bent on putting John Gotti away for life, were willing to accept any testimony, even if they knew their was loose ends. It was a vendetta against Gotti, and that's understandable from most points of view. The one thing that Gravano in his testimony neglected to divulge was that he was a narcotics trafficker. If you listen to Gravano's byline of garbage he was the smartest businessman ever in the mafia. While Gravano was, in part, intelligent, I don't believe that his business acumen was such that he was a Fortune 500 guy. That was more Paul Castellano then Gravano could ever hope to be. A large part of Gravano's money came from drugs. He never admitted to that, but it's no real shock when he got out of prison he moved to Arizona to start peddling drugs to children, which got him another glorious 20 years in a pink prison jumpsuit.

Casso, was ready to talk, and provided the feds with information they could use. The problem is, Casso informed them that Gravano was in the drug business, and he knew so, because he had intricate dealings with him and drugs. As that news sorta filtered up, the FBI tried to squash it immediately. The reason? It would impugn Gravano, and his testimony. If Gravano hadn't admitted to that, and Casso goes on the stand and says that, it would mean Gravano withheld from the FBI, the prosecutors and jury, which meant he would be considered a liar. If he's considered that, then John Gotti could turn around in an appellate court and go after Gravano and the feds for lying, and knowingly subverting that information, and let's be honest, the feds couldn't have that. Per public knowledge, and even from Casso's own mouth, he was given a cooperation deal, but the second he began to speak about Gravano, he was moved to the hole. He would be taken out of the hole and told not to speak about Gravano, and he told the feds he wouldn't lie, and that a part of his deal was that he tell everything and all. The feds didn't want that. He would be moved the the hole again.

Months later, when Casso filled out a transfer from the hole, because their was no reason given by the warden or by the agents for his stay in the hell hole, he was denied his transfer. Then as he continued to sit in the hole, he was charged with shaking down prisoners, being abusive to prison staff, and fighting. The problem with that was Casso was in the hole when these events allegedly took place. As a result of those charges, the FBI rescinded their cooperation agreement with Casso. This was after he provided what they deemed at the time "substantial information regarding organized crime figures, and events." Casso was used by the FBI, but the minute he refuted Gravano, they did everything they could to silence him, because they knew, if he talked, then Gravano would be impugned and that opened the door for Gotti to file motions on the appellate level. The bottom line was, the star witness couldn't be perjured. They hated and wanted Gotti that much.

While I don't feel bad for Casso on any level, considering he passed away a few months ago probably a lot easier than some of his own victims did, it just shows the levels the FBI will go to, to suppress information, and to keep the bottom line in tact. Had Casso been able to talk, it would have opened Pandora's box, and Gravano's lies, would have come crumbling down onto of the FBI.

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