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Tommy "Karate" Pitera has heard enough in his lifetime to get some laughs, but no more at the expense of an informant who keeps claiming not only did the said informant "rob him," but also laughs at the claims that Tommy Pitera sent shooters to New Jersey to kill said informant. If you sit around long enough, the stories get hilarious. Not only do the tales of a massive shoot out never happen, but the years this moron claims the shootout happened 1991 or 1992, Tommy Pitera was already in prison.

I was in contact with Tommy Pitera, and he explicitly laughs, because this informants name he's never heard in his life, never heard his name, doesn't even know what he looks like. For some self-proclaiming mob killer informant, the real deal, the real gangster has spoken.

" Jeff, I never met this fucking guy, I don't know him, I never seen him, I don't even know what he looks like, so I had to look it up, and he's a fuckin' rat. I was locked up already, facing the death sentence, in 1991-1992. Even Frank Gangi, called this guy a fake and a fraud and a rat. I know nothing of any robbery, fill me in I could use a few good laughs." -Tommy Pitera

Tommy Pitera has spoken. The informant even as close as yesterday repeated these same lies on another podcast/vlog. None of these things are accurate, none of them are true. You have GOT to stop believing the lies coming from this informant. I did quote Tommy in the correspondence I have, and If I have to I will post proof, just to show people how stupid these informants are getting. You cannot believe a word they say. Whose got the balls to rob Tommy Pitera and think he's gonna let that slide? Tommy Pitera sending shooters? Do you even know who Tommy Pitera was? He didn't need shooters. Tommy did his own work. At least with Tommy we know what a real gangster looks and acts like. Tommy is a standup guy. Too bad this informant keeps getting brought on shows to spill more lies. The worst part is, you tell these hosts they are being lied to, and you prove it, and they still platform them for numbers. There was no ROBBERY. There was NO SHOOTOUT. Just more lies from someone whose attempting to stay relevant in a world they aren't. STOP BELIEVING INFORMANTS.

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