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Never in my life, albeit maybe during John Gotti's life, have I seen a mobster stalked by grown men. Alleged mob boss, Joey Merlino's chains have been lifted, and he can go back to doing what he wants.

Things like the beach, smoking cigars, and eating dinner in restaurants, and associating with whomever he damn well pleases, and good for him. I think most knew, because it was pretty public, at least if you followed the sentencing memorandum in his case back two years ago. It was no deep rooted secret, however, I have to laugh, because you know where I'm going with this one.

Our favorite borderline stalker, has been all over his InstaTurd account talking about Joey as if his teenage crush is coming into town for the summer. I have never seen any man in my life gush when discussing Joey Merlino. It's the oddest, yet creepiest and cringeworthy thing I've ever seen. Listen for what it's worth, I get from a journalistic standpoint covering a topic, I'm all for that, but this is something different. Let me offer you three quotes:

"After a year in jail, one on house arrest, and another on supervised release, all restrictions on the 59yr old wiseguy end today. Expect a visit here soon. #merlinofree #phillymob #TrueCrime # (The only thing missing is fucking heart emoji's and tears and that purple eggplant emoji)
"Merlino had made no public comments since his release from federal prison in Florida to house arrest a year ago. No NEW pictures of the man they call "Skinny Joey" have surfaced since his release." (They don't sell Teen Bop Magazine anymore do they? If so this guy has scratch and sniff photos of Joey on his wall, I know it)

"Multiple sources tell mobtalkshitdown that reputed Philadelphia Mob Boss Joey Merlino, fresh off a two year federal sentence for gambling, may soon poke his head up at the Jersey Shore after his year long federal supervised release end July 27th." (I'm not even going to touch this

Yes, Dave is man crushing hard. I don't understand any of it, but I can foretell what is going to happen if and when Joey ever heads back north. Dave will be sitting in a car, camera in hand, just waiting to spot his "buddy." At some point, this topic does get insanely boring for me, but I have never seen a journalist in all my life cling to any hope he can spot Joey, or chat him up. It's the weirdest thing I have ever seen. He stands there like a little kid in the school yard waiting to be acknowledged. You'd think with that adulation he would at least put pen to paper and be a little more contrite when he writes some of the stuff he does. It reminds me of an attorney I know. He is a good attorney, does acting on the side. He's not really well liked by a lot of people, as one told me "What the fuck is this guy? Is he a lawyer, an actor, or a fuckin' gangster?" I sort of feel the same way about Dave. He will fawn over Joey, the next he's busy slurping up cops. I don't get it. I never have. Ever since he said "he covers facts, and I(Canarsie) spews bullshit, I've had my own hard on for Dave." What he said wasn't fair because he knows better, and was really bent sideways that I beat him to stories and knew the facts, he felt betrayed that he had no idea what was going on, and that he was no longer the little train that could. They also keep feeding Scott Bernstein lies, and he reports them as facts, even when he is informed he's reporting lies, he doesn't care. I guess he owes Anastasia for hooking him up with laughable rat Philip Leonetti. I'm not a journalist. These guys allegedly are, yet, you watch how they act, watch what they write, and you have to wonder if they know what city they live in sometimes.

Either way, I don't care, I look forward to seeing my little friend Dave. Our last meeting he ran from me like his prick was on fire. 5 to 1, he is somewhere formulating his plan for photos and a camera. It's repulsive, and at some point, his fantasy has to end. Just leave people alone, stop stalking, and just let the man live his life. I know how much you love him, it's very evident throughout your posts. That's cute, but seriously get yourself together and find a hobby or something besides stalking grown men.

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