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We are always looking at ways to improve this site, as well as our other social media outlets. We can be found on Facebook, Youtube, and here. We encourage everyone to locate us on all our social media platforms, and like and subscribe.

One of the key features besides in-depth articles, is our new LIVE SHOW feature. Twice a month on Youtube, we can be found doing LIVE SHOWS on YOUTUBE, where we answer Q&A's and discuss ALL facets of organized crime. Typically all LIVE SHOWS last between 1.3-2.5 hours. Everyone is encouraged to follow, like and subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel. In addition to the LIVE SHOW features, we also have begun to release some mini-docs for you to watch. Filled with facts and history, it's a way for all of you to get to the point in a doc, rather than meander all day listening to the same old docs, which have become boring and repetitive.

We will be moving into location history in and out of New York City. A lot of people don't have the chance to visit New York, nor have the capability of visiting mob haunts and historical sites, and that's exactly what we will be doing, and those will premier all on YouTube. We will be visiting mob historical sites and giving you the low down on the history of all these places. We will also be venturing into other states, including New Orleans, Chicago, Rhode Island, and many other infamous mob spots. Look at it as a walking tour without the obnoxious references and lame jokes. Those segments will begin to debut in the Spring of 2022.

SPOTIFY IS SOARING. Our paid platform is kicking ass and taking names. Our paid to play site is setting record numbers. Currently we have over 650,000 downloads in just over a year, and Youtube is still collecting big numbers hovering at almost 3,000,000 downloads. We encourage everyone who loves a great mob podcast to head over and sign up. It's going to be a huge year for MOB TALK RADIO. .

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